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Dmytro Ievtieev, Product Manager at Betinvest, highlights the benefits of sports betting offerings and the ease of integrating a Sportsbook Widget iFrame solution into any casino-orientated platform.

The introduction of sports products doesn't pose a threat to a casino's current revenue stream. In fact, it actually diversifies and protects it. Without a sports betting offering, casino operators risk losing clients interested in both casino games and sporting events.

Having spoken with various casino owners, it's clear that the majority understand the importance of introducing a sports offering. However, there is a common misconception that integrating and managing a sportsbook is incredibly challenging.

For those casinos looking to grow their customer base, the addition of an iFrame Sportsbook Widget can be a real game-changer, providing a fast and easy solution. Here are a few reasons why.

Sportsbook Widget is a lightweight sports betting software module that integrates into the client's own or a third-party platform. A key benefit of this product is that it can be up and running in just two weeks while yet offering all the features of a full-fledged, stand-alone sportsbook.

What's more, our partners don't have to worry about a lack of technical expertise and sports knowledge, as all trading and risk-management operations occur on Betinvest’s platform and are handled by our in-house team of industry veterans. The two platforms interact over an encrypted channel using the HTTPS and WSS protocols. SSL encryption and two-way API access restrictions are used to secure the connection and are limited to specific static IP addresses. Further betting-related player dealings happen solely on the client's platform.

While deciding on a sportsbook solution, it's also important to think about how extensive its coverage is. Our Sportsbook Widget offers more than 70 000 pre-match and 80 000 live events across 80+ sports. The markets span from the world's most popular championships in football, basketball, and tennis to region-specific titles like cricket and even esports. The latter is especially crucial for businesses that do not want to miss out on attracting Gen-Z to their platform since the esports market shows no signs of slowing down in the coming years.

However, a successful sportsbook requires more than just extensive coverage; it must also efficiently manage events and be flexible enough to meet the demands of local markets. Our Events Management System was designed specifically for online sports betting operations and gives clients yet another tool for brand customization.

Once requiring a front-end developer's time, these modifications can now be made in a flash. A client can easily categorize sports, countries, and championships based on location, create margin templates, display quick markets, and highlight top pre-match and live events in the banner area.

Its responsive design guarantees compatibility with any device, and its customizable color scheme and multiple language options simplify conforming to the client's branding guidelines. The widget also offers four odds formats, betting line representation, and time zone settings, allowing operators to fine-tune the widget to their specific market.

In addition to other criteria, experience is crucial when selecting a sportsbook provider, especially when it comes to risk management. You may either hire a full-time employee to handle all of your sports betting operations or choose a solution that will provide you access to a team of qualified traders and risk managers. At Betinvest, we use a hybrid system, a combination of precise algorithms to compile the information and a dedicated trading team that ensures the quality and accuracy of the odds calculation.

In summary, Betinvest's Sportsbook Widget offers a hassle-free and fast way to add a sports betting product to your business without requiring prior sports knowledge. The iFrame solution integrates seamlessly with your website, allowing for a consistent branding and look-and-feel. Operators have full control over their exposure through limit configuration and reports. It's as simple as adding a new slot provider, with all the benefits of diversifying and protecting your revenue streams.

Dmitry Ievtieev has been with Betinvest since 2015, starting in support and progressing through all career stages. With 8+ years in betting and gaming and 5+ years in developing technology solutions and product functionality, he generates ideas, creates added value, and implements new technologies, optimizing existing ones. Dmitry is also responsible for creating product concepts and defining and presenting user needs.


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