What You Need to Know Before Starting an iGaming Business in the US

The iGaming sector in the United States is taking off like never before. In 2018 a law preventing sports betting and iGaming was invalidated, and since then state governments have been changing their laws and embracing gambling like never before. This has led to a wealth of new opportunities for iGaming companies seeking to do business in the country.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the things that iGaming companies should be taking into consideration when stating businesses in the US.

Do Your Research

The US gambling market is vastly different to the one that exists in Canada, Australia and Europe. They don’t have an extensive history of legal online gambling and they are more familiar with daily fantasy sports than they are with sports betting.

Making an assumption about the US gambling market could be a costly mistake. Instead, do your research on your chosen market and make sure you understand who your target demographic is and what it is they want from you.

There are a Lot of Regulatory Issues

At the time of writing a lot of US states have been legalising online gambling and sports betting, but there are still many more states where these forms of gambling, and many others, are illegal.

The main issue to contend with is the fact that the laws are set on a regional basis, and what is legal in one state may not be legal in another. There are also some potential expensive license fees—some of which can cost tens of millions of dollars—and tax issues.

You Need an Experienced Operator

The easiest way to establish an iGaming business in the United States is to work with an operator that already has the license and the experience. There are several of these in the US market already, and as more states embrace new gambling laws, more of them will move into the market.

An operator will cover all legal and regulatory aspects while also providing a payment gateway, games, and management tools.

Marketing Can be Costly

You could be forgiven for thinking that because the US iGaming market is in its infancy, it’s a free-for-all with regards to marketing and advertising. In actual fact, you could be competing against huge daily fantasy sport brands, offline casino brands, and more, and you’ll be doing so in one of the most saturated marketing sectors in the world.

The United States gives a lot of control to advertisers and allows them to market their products everywhere, whether they are sponsoring parts of TV shows or plastering their name on billboards. But these ads are in such high demand that they drive a very high price, and getting your message out there is neither cheap nor easy.


The US gambling market has huge potential and many iGaming sites are seeing it as a clean slate that’s crying out for quality sports books and online casinos. However, it has a long history of being opposed to these forms of gambling and this, in addition to the high license fees, regulatory issues and cost of advertising, will make it difficult for any new site to prosper.

Still, that’s not going to stop them from trying and nor should it—as every actor, musician and writer can attest, if you make it in the US then you’re set for life!

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