The Main Mistakes Made when Designing Gambling Sites

There are a few important rules when running a gambling website. It should be secure, fair and regulated; it should be well designed, have a varied selection of games, and offer plenty of promotions. These are the main features, but there are so many more features to consider when designing a gambling site, and failure to take these into consideration could be disastrous.


There are more mobile users than desktop users and that has been the case for a few years, but that doesn’t mean that desktop users should be neglected. One of the biggest mistakes that new gambling sites make is to create a template that looks great on mobile, but terrible on desktop. Some of them ignore desktop compatibility altogether!

Desktop players may be in the minority, but it’s a slim minority and there are still a huge number of them. It’s a similar story with other areas of compatibility, from instant-play sites that focus too much on Google Chrome and don’t consider other browsers, to ones that insist on working with a small number of languages and currencies.

The gambling industry is fiercely competitive, with every company fighting to win favour with every demographic of player. Your goal is to appeal to as many of these as possible and to never discount any of them.


The best betting sites are able to provide a wealth of features without sacrificing speed. They spend a lot of time and money ensuring that everything is optimised, that not a single kilobyte is wasted and that everything looks streamlined and works smoothly.

Some sites, however, assume that their users will be using the best devices and the fastest connections, and in making this assumption they create a site that is slow, laggy and frustrating to use for a large number of customers.

Nobody wants to spend time on a slow, laggy site, but this is even more essential in the gambling industry. If a customer is trying and failing to place a bet, load a game or collect their money, they’ll get frustrated and may even leave. Speed is an important aspect throughout the site, from the page loading speed to the rate at which withdrawals are processed and bets are settled.

Straightforward Bonuses

A bonus is like a big, buzzing neon sign, luring players into the casino with promises of fun and festivities. It’s one of the main things that differentiates one casino from the next and it’s something that the vast majority of players look for when deciding which casino or betting site to join.

A well designed bonus can significantly increase lead generation and improve customer retention, while a bad one can scare players away for good and trigger an avalanche of bad reviews.

The generosity of the bonus isn’t the issue here, it’s how it is displayed. It’s important for a customer to gain quick access to the bonus and to not feel like they have been duped. Bonuses that only trigger following a chat with customer support, and immediately become invalid if the customer deposits prior to that chat, are considered very misleading by players. The same applies to bonuses with hidden terms relating to play-through rates and maximum wins.

There’s no point of getting a new player into your casino if they will leave immediately and then warn everyone else against joining. So, in designing your promotional materials, make sure you are clear, friendly and not misleading.


There are a lot of mistakes you can make when designing your gambling site, but with a little knowledge and the backing of a good provider, you can create a polished site that will impress the industry’s many demanding customers.

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