Special Betting Features for Major Events (Super Bowl, World Cup, etc.)

Sporting events like the Super Bowl and football World Cup are some of the biggest events on the sporting calendar—the highlight of the year for sportsbooks all over the world. There are more bets placed during these events than any other, and it’s not unheard of for sportsbooks to take more money during a single World Cup than they take during an entire Premier League season.

With that in mind, what special features can be offered for these events?

Bonuses Aimed at Casual Players

These events attract a wealth of gamblers that have either never placed a bet before, or have only ever placed a few small wagers. These casual gamblers are not as lucrative as lifetime gamblers, but they are much more valuable than you might think.

Not only will a number of them stick around after the event and become regular punters, but a large number will place bets throughout the entire event (very valuable for an event like the World Cup, that runs for a few weeks). There are also a large number of them, so it’s a big demographic to target.

The best way to lure these player in is to offer them bonuses that appeal more to casual players, including free bets and small matched deposit bonuses. No-deposit bonuses can be useful in this situation, but they can also be disastrous, as many casual gamblers will simply use the free money and then disappear when it’s gone.

Tournaments and Leaderboards

Events like the World Cup and Super Bowl attract competition amongst friends and families, and one of the best ways to take advantage of this is to run leaderboard competitions throughout the event.

These tournaments gamify the betting process, reward points for correct predictions, correct bets, or even for a fantasy team. The players can then compare their points to their friends and families, and aim to reach the top of a site-wide leaderboard, at which point they will scoop a hatful of prizes.

This encourages greater activity throughout the competition but it also gives players something extra to cheer for every week.

Such competitions are not as easy to establish during single events like the Super Bowl, but they can be made possible with a Road to the Super Bowl scenario, and this is an approach that several sports betting sites have used in recent years.

Special Prop Bets

Prop bets are unusual bets placed on specific outcomes in certain games or tournaments. These bets are what sets one betting site apart from another during major events, as there are some punters who will actively search for a specific bet and look elsewhere if they don’t find it on their favorite sportsbook.
The most successful sites offer a wealth of these bets prior to every major event, such as the outcome of the Coin Flip in the Super Bowl, or whether or not there will be a technical mishap during the Half-Time Show.

These bets provide sportsbooks with an opportunity to get creative, as there is no end to the amount of fun and unusual bets they can offer. They can also get help from punters by utilizing a “Request-a-Bet” feature, whereby bettors ask for specific bets, with the sportsbook then setting the odds and adding them to the site.


These big events are once-in-a-year opportunities at best, and once every four year opportunities at worst. They are events that can make or break a sportsbook for the entire year, so it’s important to plan carefully and to ensure complete and proper preparation. The best sportsbooks will start planning for the next Super Bowl immediately after the previous one ends, and it’s a similar story with the football World Cup.

If you want to attract the big players and hit those big numbers, that’s the best way to do it.

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