Key Features that Sportsbooks Must Have Today

An online sportsbook needs to be secure and mobile friendly, it needs to provide a wealth of markets on the biggest and most popular sports, and it should also be backed by solid customer support. All of that is a given, but there are many more essential aspects of modern online sportsbooks that can be overlooked.


Fundamentally, most online sportsbooks look alike. They use similar software providers and this results in the existence of only a hand of styles. If your goal is to standout and create a unique brand, the last thing you want to do is look like everyone else.

Customisation is therefore essential, and this should extend beyond simple color changes and the inclusion of a logo. Take a look at the three most popular sportsbooks in the world and you’ll see that they all have a very unique and distinctive style. This is something that all new sportsbooks should take inspiration from, but never directly copy.

Easy Navigation

We live in a fast, demanding, throw-away society. If something doesn’t work exactly like it should at the exact moment that it is purchased, then it becomes useless — a burden and not a gift. This principle applies to online sportsbooks as well. If the site isn’t easy to navigate and doesn’t immediately make the user feel at home, then the will reject it and turn their attentions elsewhere.

A lot of the money spent on app development goes on making it user-friendly, ensuring that everything loads fast, the user doesn’t need to click too many options to navigate to where they need to be, and everything is easy to understand.

Niche Sports

There was a time when a gambling site only needed to cover half a dozen sports in order to appeal to 95% of their audience. These days, however, it’s a different story. The average punter is hungry for variety, and wants to bet on niche sports as well as popular ones. Fans of those niche sports also search high and low for good gambling options and are happy to devote their loyalty to a casino if they provide them with it.

You also have to consider that a lot of sports that were once considered niche, are now immensely popular, including eSports, and American Football in Europe.

Niche Bets

Sports betting has changed a lot in recent years. Not only is there a increased demand for specific sports and betting markets, but there has also been an increase in the demand for unique betting markets, from outright bets to in-play bets and more.

It’s no longer acceptable just to offer Goal bets and Win/Lose bets on a football match, for instance—a sportsbook needs to provide bets on the score, corners, cards, handicaps, and a variety of prop bets.

Unique Features

Request-a-Bet and In-Game Multipliers were practically non-existent just a couple years ago, but now they are considered essential for any sportsbook that aspires toward greatness. They provide a wealth of betting options for the average punter, giving them thousands of potential betting permutations for a single game of football.

The sheer scale of this would have been unthinkable in the days of paper slips and bookmakers, but these days they are as common as match bets and accumulators and punters expect to find them everywhere they go.


The world of online sports betting is changing at a rapid pace. It’s no longer acceptable to look at what offline bookmakers are doing and then transfer these features online — this environment is bigger, more advanced, and filled with expectant and demanding customers. To get to the very top of this industry you need to be willing to go the extra mile.

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