How to Upgrade your iGaming platform with new technologies

With the ever-evolving technological field, it is time for the iGaming platforms to embrace the latest benefits they have to offer. Here is a list of seven new technologies which you can implement to stay ahead of the game from your competitors.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technologies are much more accessible now since many smartphone brands have already incorporated this feature into their latest products. People can experience and utilize the facial recognition feature with only a tap on the button. It is time to incorporate this technology into our iGaming platforms in order to ensure the maximum security for the players.
With the help of powerful cameras and 3D scanners, an iGaming platform can build an accurate digital representation of your face. This can be used in creating personalized avatars while playing mobile games. They can also exhibit the right emotions when you are playing. A stronger and more fruitful way to utilize this technology would be to prevent hackers and other cybercriminals from withdrawing your account’s money.

Gesture Recognition

Mobile applications like Snapchat have revolutionized the app culture by implementing gesture recognition technologies. Previously, this was limited to robotic experiments and similar high-end technologies. We can make the most of this technology for online gambling too using Intel RealSense and 3D cameras. They can follow the 22 points in your hand. Doing so, they enable you to keep playing without even touching your controller. For instance, you can just wave your hand a certain way to make the reels spin on a slot game.

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition has reached new heights by being an essential part of modern computers. You can make the virtual assistants on desktop or laptop (like Cortana, Siri etc.) do something particular by only a voice command. The gamblers using iGaming platforms can also take advantage of this technology to control several aspects of their games. They can use it to place bets, chat with fellow players and connect with the casino dealer.


Cryptocurrencies are an unavoidable phenomenon in today’s world. No matter what industry you belong to, you cannot deny the impact of blockchains on it. Seeing its phenomenal surge in the past few years, many sports betting operators have already incorporated it into their authorized payment methods. This system of blockchain ensures higher security and an error-free record of the players’ activities. As a result, it enhances the reliability of an iGaming platform and encourages more players to join the community.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality seemed only fiction until Oculus Rift was launched about a decade ago. The VR headsets changed the game for players by bringing in hyper-realistic 360-degree graphics. In the case of iGaming platforms, this technology can be utilized in the same manner. Virtual reality can enable gamblers to experience standing in a real casino even though they are accessing these games from the comfort of their home. So they can play the typical pokers, slots and even virtual sports in a completely new environment.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is somewhat of an “upgrade” to virtual reality. While virtual reality only works with particular devices like computers and televisions, AR brings an impact on your overall sense. It influences your vision, hearing and more senses by utilizing new technologies. iGaming platforms can make the most of this technology to bring more realistic layers to a user’s VR experience.

5G Internet

4G internet has reached most of the developed and developing countries by now. It is time for an upgraded technology named 5G internet. It is anticipated to be officially launched this year which means you can download games, apps, videos and more at 10-20 times higher speed. The response time on a 5G network or device is expected to be less than a millisecond.



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