How to Start a White Label Gambling Business

A white label gambling company is something that has been created by one company and rebranded/used by another. It’s a turn-key operation that allows a company to run their own gambling site without going to the trouble of creating the software and jumping through the countless hoops required of modern gambling sites. In this guide we’ll show you how you can create your own white label gambling business to earn yourself a piece of this lucrative business.

1. Choose Your Providers

The first step to creating your own white label gambling business is to acquire the software on which your customers will place their bets. There are a number of providers out there and each of these will provide you with a varying level of support, functionality and customisation.

These providers do all the work when it comes to acquiring video slots, table games and betting software. They work with developers like NetEnt, IGT, Play’n GO, Evolution Gaming and more to create a long list of games which can then be cherry-picked by the casino using their software.

You can choose the developers and the games that you want to list on your site, and there are typically thousands of these to choose from, with multiple prepackaged options to make this selection process easier.

2. Acquire a License

Getting a license for your chosen market can be one of the most time consuming and stressful aspects of running an online gambling company, but a good provider can take the stress and hassle out of this situation. They will provide you with the option to use their licenses, which will cover you for the markets that they are regulated in.

If needed, you can then look to acquire additional licenses in markets that you plan to expand into, but in many cases the provider will have more than enough coverage to satisfy your needs. They will also look to handle all of the issues that go along with managing these licenses, including tax calculations and regulatory changes.

3. Setup Payment Methods

Your provider will give you easy access to a number of different payment methods and allow you to accept all of these in one fell-sweep. These will include the most popular methods for your chosen markets, as well as the security and the insurance needed to accept the methods safely and securely across your website. They will also provide you with the option of accepting multiple currencies in many different languages and across many different countries.

4. Customise

The final step in completing this white label operation is to customize your website. The provider will have a number of templates that you can choose from and this will make your job much easier, but it’s important to personalize those templates where possible to avoid your site looking like every other one out there.

You may even find it beneficial to work with a team of developers who can craft something truly unique using the provider’s software. This way your website stands out from the crowd and doesn’t look like a cookie-cutter project.

5. Taking it to Market

Once you have your project ready to go then you simply need to launch it, monitor it, and market it. The ongoing maintenance of a white label will require you to staff a customer support team (many of these now operate remotely through Live Chat in order to save money) and to start promoting your website.

Conclusion The online gambling sector is very busy and it can be hard to get noticed, but the beauty of this sector is that most players are happy to move around, never truly staying loyal to a single brand and always willing to see what the competition has to offer. There are also a wealth of review sites and news sites that will instantly feature regulated casinos and sports books as soon as they launch, providing them with some much needed publicity in the early days and helping them to get a jump start.

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