How to minify risks on adding new gambling services

Gambling is one of the most difficult areas of activity, although at first glance it may seem that there is nothing difficult in the game and entertainment industry. In fact, a successful casino is the result of complex accounting and monitoring techniques. In order for the casino to bring the desired income and have popularity, you need to constantly keep abreast of, tracking new items and attracting ‘fresh blood’. It is no secret that in order to earn profits, you will first have to spend a fair amount of money buying everything you need for gambling. In order to launch a serious institution, at least a loud casino ad is needed. It can be placed in the media, on the internet and TV space. It is advisable to back up information about the opening with the announcement of a valuable prize or bonuses for further visits, such as a percentage refund of the amount spent by the player.

What attracts to casinos?

The motivation for going to a gambling establishment is different for everyone, mainly the possibility of easy money. Someone goes to such places to emphasize their status and wealth because playing in a casino requires free cash on hand. Sometimes the usual first interest develops into unrestrained gambling. The second reason why people are attracted to the casino is the ambiance, no account of time and pressure of life problems, pleasant, and easy-to-communicate staff.

How to promote a casino?

In order for the institution to become popular, profitable and visited, you need to pay a lot of attention to marketing techniques and monitor everything that is popular in the casino. Namely, which slots and lotteries are more often preferred by regular guests and which game is most in demand, etc.

The preferences of the guests allow finding out all the information about the players: from passport data to the presence or absence of the client in the ‘stop list’.

It must be remembered that the rule operates for the work and success of a gambling establishment. It says that 20% of regular and gambling clients bring to the institution 80% of the total income. Based on this, you need to focus on the retention of these 20% and not to forget about attracting new ones.

With regards to attracting new customers, there is a global practice in the casino industry, when they arrange opening days, during which the staff teaches the game for free, without buying tokens but with winnings.

They also practice the system of bonuses, discounts and a reserve of trust for regular visitors, who have worked well as players. In addition to material rewards (including non-cash prizes), you can organize a themed evening & invite a famous person to assist with the promotion.

Casino attendance

According to data provided by the casinos themselves, attendance in recent years has increased significantly. The giants of the gaming industry can boast an attendance of 500 people daily and some even voice the figure of 65,000 people in the span of two months, which is approximately 1,050 players per day.

According to a survey of gaming administrators, a portrait of the average casino visitor was compiled. It is a man in the age range of 25-35 years; women attend such places 7 times less. In more developed countries, these indicators are approximately the same although the average age range is much higher; it is from 30 to 50 years.

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