Features of iGaming legislation in Western European countries

Europe is called the “Old World” for a reason. It is the perfect platform for the development of human civilisation. And although recently the states of the world are increasingly talking about cooperation and globalisation, we still indirectly observe the confrontation between Europe and the United States economically and scientifically.

If we consider the gambling business in this context, we will immediately say that there is no analogue for Las Vegas in Europe. But at the same time, we note that gambling in Europe is loved and the governments of the countries are quite loyal to the representatives of the gaming industry. In some places, there are periodic attempts to limit the development of gambling, for example, in Hungary, but so far, these laws are only being spoken about and not yet introduced.

Yes, there are no such centres of the world gaming industry as Las Vegas, Hong Kong, and Macao in Europe. But if you move your eyes on the path of online gambling, then our attention will be focused on the small island state in the Mediterranean Sea – Malta. This state firmly holds the palm as the center of gambling in the online space. Malta is chosen by many online gambling operators as a springboard for opening their representative offices. There are many reasons: A democratic system of taxation, the ease of obtaining a license, a minimum of red tape and documentation.

Twenty countries have casinos in their roster; in four, parimutuel betting can be found, including horseracing and dog racing. Also in Europe, it is easy to find gambling establishments of a completely new type, in which there are slots and terminals for playing poker.

Tourists who like to squander their money and replenish the budget of the country are willingly coming to the states of Western Europe. The governments of these countries have already estimated the amount of income from the gambling business and do not really want to talk about limiting the gaming industry. If we are talking about European casinos, then first of all, the gambling halls in Iceland, in the countries of the Scandinavian Peninsula, in the Baltic republics, in the Kingdom of Great Britain, in Germany, France, in the Benelux countries, in the Apennines and the Pyrenees, in a word, it can be summarised that casinos in the “Old World” can be found in every country.

Popular gambling establishments in Europe

A few words about the so-called “record holders”. In France, there are 189 casinos and 15,381 slots. At the opposite pole is Luxembourg with its only casino roster – Casino 2000 in Mondorf-les-Beines. The largest European casino is Le Café de Paris located in Monte Carlo, Monaco. In this gambling establishment, there are fifteen gaming tables, as well as 1,200 slots and poker terminals (or other gaming machines).

Parimutuel betting industry in Western Europe

It can be stated with confidence that this industry is on the rise in Western Europe, especially in Germany. The share of profits from sweepstakes is already 5-10% of all profits from the entire gambling business and this figure continues to grow. In Germany, the most popular racecourses are located in Baden-Baden, Bremen, Dortmund, and Dresden.

In Western Europe, poker is in good standing. In this part of the globe, poker is quite common and loved. Sweden has one of the most popular online poker operators PokerRoom.com, which organises tournaments with large prize pools. Online poker is also quite popular in the UK. Here at tournaments, players make bets that reach up to a million.

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