Connecting online betting platform with offline – retail and terminal solutions

It’s hard to believe, but for the first time, bookmakers started accepting bets on the internet only in the second half of the 90s. And even then, there were no convenient billing systems, e-wallets and online banking. Therefore, even at the start of the 21st century, in order to make a bet, you needed to go to the nearest betting shop, where you could choose an interesting event and placed a bet. For this, you were handed a coupon that could be cashed in case of a win. Live betting also existed but at a primitive level.

Now, when it is already 2019 on the street, some bettors do not even know that bookmakers can accept bets not only on the internet but also in their own betting shops. This industry turned over and changed so seriously in just 1.5-2 decades. But still there are quite many players who prefer to bet offline. In this article we are looking at online and offline betting to compare them to each other.

The popularity of offline betting is rapidly falling. This is a normal process, given the current trends. For example, the circulation of newspapers has dropped significantly, as people now have quick access to the news of the whole world on their computers. The situation is almost the same with betting.

  • Limited selection of betting shops. Usually sports betting lovers simply go to the shop that is located next to them. Someone does not think about the fact that there are bookmakers with more favorable odds and a better choice of bets. There is nothing to say about the parallel game in several betting operators at once. After all you are in the office of a specific bookmaker.
  • You must visit the bet shop personally, which will definitely give way to the comfort of your sofa. It takes an extra time and effort that could be spent on something else.
  • Betting shops have a schedule of their work. Imagine that you like to bet on NBA and NHL matches in live. Since most of the bet shops work during the day you cannot do this. Players miss many interesting events at night that are live, being limited in their actions.
  • Potential conflicts with other players. Today, Bookie even in bet shops offers customers to make bets via computers, but still, most of them try to work directly with managers. Imagine that several players want to bet at the same time. These causes inconvenience and may even cause conflict. Disagreements can arise for other reasons: players can make opposing bets and react too violently.

Advantages of gaming terminals:

  • Full autonomy from the cashier, which allows you not to hire extra staff.
  • Variety of designs, thanks to which the terminal will fit in absolutely any room.
  • The most convenient for the client installation methods.
  • Deep immersion in the game and user feedback.
  • Opportunity to take more bets, increasing your profit.

What are the principles of the betting terminals?

  • Self-service – players do not queue at the cashiers.
  • Statistics are constantly updated so that new rates are available.
  • Quick access to game results.

Software was designed specifically for betting terminals and it was tested before installation. Bettors will get a real pleasure from the game, making bets using  modern trouble-free equipment, which is designed directly for the specifics of the particular betting shop. Operator will be able to minimise the influence of the human factor (personnel errors, dishonesty) thanks to a well-functioning mechanism of terminals that can cope with the most difficult tasks. Your land based operation will differ favorably from competitors since the automation of most processes in the gambling business is always convenient and attracts many customers. Terminals have an intuitive interface and they can become your reliable assistants and help in business development.

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