Betinvest provide view of Sports Betting’s future with One-Stop Online Gaming Platform

As the leading international sports betting provider, Betinvest, enters its 20th anniversary the company continues to drive the focus of the sector forward by establishing new grounds for businesses to enter the market via the Betinvest Online Platform. Consolidating two decades of creativity, expertise and passion, the new online gaming platform is set to reshape how companies engage with sports betting via a “fully immersive experience across multiple devices, multiple channels and multiple regions across the globe,” according to Betinvest’s VP of Business Development Valentyn Kyrylenko.

“We are delighted to present our new Online Gaming Platform launched in dedication to our company’s 20 years in the business,” he explained. “It is one of the few platforms within the iGaming sector that has been created from scratch by a company with such extensive operational experience using in-depth market analysis. It truly is a one-stop platform because it provides all the necessary tools and solutions to set up and build a successful business. We are proud to provide our partners with a single entry point into the industry.”

The advanced platform, which consists of following advanced modules across Sportsbook, Marketing, Payment, Responsible Gaming, Management and Third Party, will make its debut on Betinvest’s stand S2-324 at ICE London in February. Commenting on the launch, Kyrylenko said: “The creation of this unique and inspired platform has been extensive so we’re excited to showcase it to the industry. The platform has been designed with flexibility, speed and simplicity – the most important characteristics for any software – at its heart, providing businesses the competitive edge they need in the exciting and growing sports betting sector.”

The Betinvest Online Platform offers a wide range of ready-made solutions with the opportunity to add third-party products as and when needed and its multichannel online and retail solutions are adaptable to any region in the world. Kyrylenko continued: “With the growth of sports betting in Europe and Asia and across The Americas following new regulatory changes, the key feature that distinguishes this platform from others is its odds management tool. This allows the client to change the odds to suit their current business needs, for example to adapt to the region they are operating in, as well as using a single wallet which makes depositing and withdrawing money easy, fast and secure.

In addition, operators will be able to manage profit margins, products, sports and even markets by themselves at any time and the software has been developed and optimised to ensure the fast and efficient set-up, management and extension of businesses. This means that clients can start their businesses immediately.”

A key focus across iGaming, sports betting and other gaming verticals in 2019 is risk management and Betinvest’s Online Gaming Platform has been developed to deliver on this with its intuitive interface and anti-fraud tools across both mobile and desktop. “To enable easy management of the platform, Betinvest offers its clients favourable, user-friendly tools to build up and manage all of their operations from a single point,” added Kyrylenko. “The back office tool’s user-friendly interface makes management straightforward and helps reduce security threats and risk with the unique Management module which lies at the heart of this Online Platform.

Our customised UI/UX design and anti-fraud tools make handling the platform simple and efficient, whilst keeping the operator aware of any potential security issues. Retail, mobile and desktop services can all be managed from a single point helping with both customer service and security. The module has also been designed with a detailed reporting system that provides a comprehensive set of invaluable business reports delivering up-to-date information on products, games, sports, vendors and players to give valuable insight into how the business works.”

He concluded: The Betinvest Online Gaming Platform is a game changer for new and established businesses across the industry. After 20 years raising our own brand to global success through our personnel and products, we thought it was time to invest in the future of gaming too by letting ‘successful’ become the new ‘normal’ for other exciting sportsbook brands across the globe.”

Betinvest will be showcasing its Online Gaming Platform alongside their full portfolio of sports betting solutions from stand S2-324 at ICE London 2019. For more information or to contact the company, visit: betinvest.com


This article was originally published by Casino Review.

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