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We don’t just offer you a business platform – we give you a ready-made successful business!

Sportsbook by Betinvest is the perfect foundation for your reliable, successful business. Let us share our 20 years of industry experience with you!

You won’t just get software, but also a personal team of traders, 24/7 technical support, reliable risk management and the best odds.

The operation, management and comprehensive support of Sportsbook is our responsibility. Both margins and the list of events and markets are fully customisable for your convenience.

You can control

  • Your own brand
  • Risk level
  • Margins
  • Maximum stakes
  • Player information
  • Player management
  • Payment systems

You will get

  • 50+ sports from around the world
  • 30,000+ events per month
  • 13+ language versions
  • 40+ payment systems
  • Various data formats
  • 3 odds formats: European, Asian and US


  • Customisation options during the match
  • Desktop and mobile versions of the website, customisable for your business
  • Simple, fast integration
  • IFrame/API integration
  • A product that adapts to local taxation systems


  • Reliable risk management
  • No downtime
  • Odds monitoring from over 300 traders
  • Quick, accurate be management during the match
  • Fast, accurate statistics
  • Fast data delivery

A strong team for every client

  • Personal success manager
  • Personal team of experienced traders
  • Personal risk management team
  • Personal technical support team
  • Odds monitoring from over 300 traders

Flexible management tools

  • Back-end content management tools
  • Management of multiple risks
  • Management of odds in real time
  • Payment control
  • Management of player behavior

What your players get

A wide range of innovative third-party products

Flexible payments, free bets and bonuses

Multi-currency support

Stages and setup


Sign the documents: an NDA and a Clients Card


Generate the website nodes: Partner ID, Host and Port


Integrate API




Stream the odds


Sportsbook by Betinvest – the best way to build a successful business!

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