Sports TV.

Making betting more fun!

Sports TV by Betinvest helps you attract new players to sports betting. Our live HD video streaming is available for a wide range of popular sports events. You can offer your players new betting opportunities complete with LIVE video. These brand-new content options will attract players, ultimately leading to an increase in your profits. Enhance your business with our visual content.

What you get

  • 50,000+ events available to live stream
  • 50+ tournaments from around the world
  • 13 different sports, including eSports
  • A wide range of video streaming protocols, including webRTC

Attract new players

  • Increased profit
  • New content options
  • Video branding

Increase your turnover

  • For online business
  • For retail business

Engage your players

  • Visual content attracts attention
  • 24/7 bet monitoring
  • The convenience of betting on something you can see

Stages and setup


Sign the documents: an NDA and a Client Card


Generate the website nodes: Partner ID, Host and Port


Integrate API




Stream the odds

Sports TV.

They see the events. You see the profits.

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