Pros and cons of Virtual Sports in betting business

Today, virtual sport has become an excellent alternative to traditional sports. First of all, due to the availability of events: at any minute or time of day and season you can enjoy virtual sports tournaments according to real rules and principles.

Virtual sports bets are offered by many operators, while the number of events for which you can wager is significantly different from the proposed variety of traditional sports in the lower side. With implementation of innovations, developers have demonstrated a new level of gameplay capabilities. The graphics are incredibly realistic, spectacular and dynamic.

About V-sports

Virtual sport is a real tournament simulator in a particular sport. Simulation of the game takes place at the expense of artificial intelligence, which takes into account the individual indicators of the participants, strengths, etc.

Dozens of V-teams can participate in virtual contests, passing several seasons within one league per day. Undoubtedly, this is the main advantage of V-sports – the dynamics of events, the absence of breaks and pauses in the championship. If to say about the popularity of V-sports, the priority is given to football. Bets on it are also most in demand in the operators.

In addition to football, betting operators offer such virtual sports types as:

  • Tennis;
  • Speedways;
  • Motorcycle racing & car racing;
  • Horseracing;
  • Dog races;
  • Cycling.

Betting rules are similar to traditional sports. In the end of the event, the bets are calculated and the winners are awarded.


V-sports has many pros. If to distinguish the best ones, it’s accessibility and the absence of external factors. As for the factors from the outside, here we can include all the leading aspects that prevent players from regular tournaments from becoming the winner of a particular competition. Starting with the weather conditions, injuries, psychological atmosphere in the team/in a person as the team member – all these are reflected in the games and, accordingly, at the outcome of the events of the tournament.

In V-sports, there is no such thing like fixed matches, which today is becoming a global problem in the sports betting industry, regardless of the country. According to the latest static data, Georgia is leading in terms of “agreement” with an indicator of more than 33% of the total number of such games. In turn, tennis is the most corrupt sport (over 80% of all fixed matches).


If we talk about the shortcomings of V-sports, then the main disadvantage is the random number generator (RNG), of which the outcome of the event depends. Compared to traditional sports, where forecasts are made by bookmaking analysts, bettors have a clear advantage in terms of chances of winning with the right analysis.

In the virtual sports, there is no such opportunity, which means that using your skills, as a tool for receiving monetary rewards is false hope. It is necessary to treat V-sports as gambling entertainment, pleasant leisure and not playing at all hard-earned money.

At the same time, virtual tournaments are an excellent field of activity for honing the strategies of sports betting. Undoubtedly, this is only if you do not belong to the category of high rollers, are able to stop in time and simply wish to spend some money on a pleasant pastime.

If you play only to the maximum, it is better to bypass V-sports, not trying to earn great money, competing with RNG. Let us explain why: each strategy is based on a mathematical formula. When randomness enters the competition, which is what the RNG is, the essence of the strategy is lost which means that the way you use this approach is completely unjustified.

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