How Sports Betting Operators Manage Risk Effectively

The global gambling industry has grown exponentially over the past decade and is projected to be worth well over half a trillion US dollars by 2023.

As sports betting becomes more popular, attracting new breeds of bettors, punters are now developing a wide range of tools and personal strategies for achieving success. While serious bettors have used spreadsheets for years, some players are turning to more sophisticated statistical methods.

For that reason, bookies have to deploy the latest risk management technology. How can these systems save money for operators?

‘Where emotions fail and calculations prevail’ is the guiding principle of Betinvest, one of a growing number of B2B betting services providers. The company provides operators with real-time odds calculations across a huge range of bet types, from the ever-popular 1X2 and Exact Score markets to different in-running bets.

In-running – also known as in-play or live betting – is hugely popular across Europe, especially on mobile. The reason is obvious: when fans watch a game with friends, they want a simple interface that lets them place the bet they want in a few clicks as possible.

In-running has been a mainstay of soccer, tennis and basketball betting for years. It has revolutionized the industry and now accounts for well over half of the revenues of many operators.
It’s fair to say that live mobile betting attracts a more casual breed of bettor, rather the methodical, calculating type who can cost an operator a fortune.

However, a successful online bookie needs the ability to offer instant odds on hundreds of different markets per game, to make them competitive enough to appeal to punters with multiple accounts and to make them tight enough to protect the bottom line.

Betinvest offers the systems architecture that allows operators to walk that fine line, because its typical employee is a gambler-turned-analyst – or a poacher-turned-gamekeeper, if you prefer. He instinctively knows how to attract the action on any given event – and how to protect the business at all times.

He also knows that betting can be an emotional business, and that this an integral part of the experience. In the past, traders weren’t immune from getting caught up in the heat of the moment. But modern traders are far more data-driven. Through the smart application of data to create boundaries, they’re on the front lines, defending the bottom line of the business.

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