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Exciting news from our partner! Significant enhancements are underway for the TT EURO.CUP table tennis tournaments. Starting from March, clients can expect an entirely updated tournament format.

In short, the old tournament format will be expanded. It'll be divided into two phases: the Daily Series and the Finals. Within the Daily Series, athletes from the same country, Ukraine or Poland, compete in round-robin tournaments. As this phase concludes, the top two performers from each division progress to the International Finals, where they compete against the best from the opposing country.

These enhancements will make the competitions more captivating, intensifying the tournaments. It's worth noting that these changes will not affect the number of events.

Daria Petrus, Business Development Team Lead, expressed her enthusiasm about the recent developments: "We're thrilled to witness our partners' growth and evolution. The expanded tournament format promises to add a unique flavor into the competition, ensuring each month is filled with exhilarating events that build up to an international finale, where the excitement of table tennis reaches its peak. Moreover, this evolution fosters a rich exchange of experiences between Ukrainian and Polish participants, offering invaluable opportunities for skill improvement and strategic development."


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