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By 2021, Betinvest's Integration Team has opted for improving the customer experience through automated operations. We were challenged to look at the product from the outside, critically analyse its strengths and weaknesses, and determine which components and procedures required transformation in the first place. The ultimate goal was to build a sportsbook content solution that would recapture the thrill of live sports tournaments as closely as possible.

Today's Winners’ ecosystem is a digital world of statistical data that conveys the spirit of real-life sports twenty-four-seven. Machine learning and instant data transmission have allowed sports fans to follow competitors' every move and fully experience the atmosphere of fast-paced, dynamic tournaments. We have entirely revamped the brand identity while at the same time considerably improving the processes of real-time sports data collection and delivery through automation.

The Winners rebranding has impacted the slogan, website, and visual identification system. Vivid colours and multidimensional graphic geometry are at the heart of the Winners visual concept, reflecting the variety of sports titles associated with the brand. The core of the Winners' mission is to promote various sports disciplines in Ukraine and abroad, helping talented athletes realise their full potential. The renewed brand identity represents this idea far more clearly.

For a better user experience, the structure and layout of the website's pages have been completely redesigned. We have considered current trends and paid particular attention to mobile screen adaptation. The website's "Players" section now contains extensive information on every member of the Winners table tennis and beach volleyball leagues. A player's profile includes a picture, the number of matches played, wins and losses, the number of won and lost sets/games, and the win rate. Thanks to the in-house software-analytical system, all data is updated in real-time. To drive user engagement even further, we are soon planning to add the "Comparison" function based on players' sports performance and rankings.

Table tennis and beach volleyball broadcasts are now available for Winners website users on the "Watch Live" multi-screen page. Moreover, we have enhanced live streams with Sports Lineup Widgets that appear on the screen 5 minutes before the broadcast. The Widgets introduce viewers to the match participants and contain players’ profiles with images and essential statistics. Again, all the data is automatically updated in real-time. Incorporating tournament stats into the live stream interface is expected to improve users' digital experience significantly.

We at Betinvest believe that statistics are one of the most valuable tools for boosting the personal performance of Winners Leagues members while also drawing the audience's attention to the sports competitions. Therefore, we have overhauled analysis methods, which led to a faster collection of the tournaments’ data and consolidation of multiple components into one unified environment. With a plethora of statistical data at your fingertips, it is now possible to thoroughly examine sports performance, make accurate outcome predictions, and efficiently track competitors' progress.

Winners currently employ a professional team of 50 matchmakers, one of which is always on-site at the sporting venue, keeping a close eye on the match as it goes. Meanwhile, all key stats are calculated and aggregated utilising our in-house software-analytical system and yet again updated in real-time on the website’s Statistics Center page.

Significant changes have affected the online format, on-site events, and data delivery. Recently introduced digital displays on referee tables offer sports fans and tournament participants a simple way to keep track of match scores, penalty cards, and in-game timers. Information on any changes in the Event Schedule (substitutions, delays, cancellations, etc.) is instantly updated on the Winners tournament platform and automatically delivered to Betinvest clients in the form of e-mail notifications.

As of right now, the Winners brand incorporates professional table tennis and beach volleyball competitions and hosts unique three-point basketball contests. Winners Leagues involve more than 500 professional athletes, including the participants and awardees of numerous national and international championships. The 24-hour daily tournaments are accredited by Betinvest's exclusive partners, governing national and regional sports federations, among which the Ukrainian Table Tennis Federation (UTTF). All matches (up to 6000 per month) are included in the corresponding Event Calendars. Tournament regulations are created based on compliance with internationally recognised standards and requirements.

Betinvest and Winners share the same objective of making quick sports competitions more prominent, impactful, and entertaining. Thus, we will continue to move towards digitalisation, constantly improving the quality of tournaments with cutting-edge technologies and intelligent solutions.


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