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Kateryna Tkachenko, Head of Marketing at Betinvest, shares her impressions and insights from the iGB Live Amsterdam 2023 conference, shedding light on how the event has further positioned Betinvest as a key player in the iGaming sector.

What were your overall impressions of iGB Live Amsterdam 2023?

My overall impressions of iGB Live Amsterdam 2023 were incredibly positive! I was really impressed by how well-organized and significant the event was for the gambling market. It was amazing to see over 6,000 professionals from 110 countries come together at the RAI Amsterdam conference complex. Our team from Betinvest, a leading iGaming service provider, was also there, and it was a fantastic opportunity to connect with others in the industry.

How did attending the conference benefit our team? Did we make any meaningful connections or partnerships during the event?

Attending the conference was truly beneficial for our team at Betinvest. We had numerous productive meetings with top companies, where we discussed the future prospects of the gambling industry and explored successful strategies. It was an opportunity to connect with colleagues, engage in meaningful discussions, and address urgent questions that helped us align our goals for the near future. Overall, it was an enriching experience that will undoubtedly have a positive impact on our operations going forward.

Were there any key takeaways or insights that you gained from the speakers or exhibitors?

Absolutely! The conference was packed with valuable insights from the speakers and exhibitors. One of the key learnings was understanding the market needs better, which will undoubtedly guide us in developing more targeted and effective marketing campaigns. The knowledge gained from the event will prove instrumental in shaping our strategies for the iGaming sector. Furthermore, the new perspectives and ideas shared by industry experts will serve as a driving force for future collaborations. I'm excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, and I'm confident that our experiences at iGB Live Amsterdam 2023 will have a lasting impact on our growth and success.

How did our team's presence at iGB Live Amsterdam 2023 impact our brand visibility and reputation within the industry?

Our participation at iGB Live Amsterdam 2023 significantly impacted our brand visibility and reputation within the industry. Through showcasing our comprehensive sportsbook portfolio, we effectively demonstrated Betinvest's ability to meet and exceed market needs and expectations.

As distributors of exclusive sportsbook events, we emphasized our commitment to continuous growth and innovation, resonating well with industry professionals. Our fast integration capabilities and access to in-depth tournament statistics, facilitated by our direct partnerships with top esports and sports leagues, garnered substantial interest.

Notably, the expansion of our portfolio with CLA EuroCup, a series of international tier 2 competitions in popular sports simulation titles, highlighted our forward-looking approach and dedication to providing top-quality products.

iGB Live Amsterdam 2023 played a pivotal role in cementing our reputation as a leading sports betting provider. The connections we established during the event are expected to pave the way for fruitful collaborations and further strengthen our brand presence in the industry. We are enthusiastic about the future and remain committed to delivering excellence in the market.


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