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In sports betting, an unexpected player has taken center stage — table tennis. This fast-paced and strategic game has become a favorite among players globally. The unpredictability and sheer excitement have turned table tennis into a standout choice for those seeking a unique and engaging betting experience. As enthusiasm about table tennis keeps growing, industry experts predict a significant upswing. It is expected the table tennis betting market to double by 2030, further solidifying its position in the sports betting landscape.

Betinvest recognizes potential in table tennis betting. The company foresaw the rising interest in this dynamic sport and introduced a range of exclusive solutions. Notably, the offerings include TT EURO.CUP and WINCUP tournaments. With 4,500+ events hosted monthly, these initiatives stand as a testament to Betinvest's strategic vision and dedication to providing exceptional experiences for enthusiasts in table tennis betting.

The Rise of Table Tennis in Sports Betting

The rise of table tennis in sports betting is truly impressive. According to market analyses, the global Table Tennis Betting market exhibited substantial growth, with a valuation of USD 1777.25 million in 2021. This trend kept going in 2022, further increasing to USD 1885.73 million. Projections indicate a continued expansion, with the global Table Tennis Betting market expected to reach a significant USD 3217.48 million by 2028. This strong growth shows that the sport is becoming more popular in the betting landscape, captivating enthusiasts and investors alike.

Several key factors contribute to the surging popularity of table tennis betting. Foremost among these factors is the sport's inherent accessibility. Unlike some of its counterparts, table tennis requires minimal equipment and infrastructure, making it widely accessible to participants and viewers. This accessibility factor has facilitated a broader engagement, drawing in a diverse audience.

Year-round tournaments also contribute to the growing popularity of table tennis in sports betting. Table tennis offers consistent yearly competitions, unlike many other sports with seasonal schedules. The year-round nature of these tournaments ensures a constant supply of betting opportunities, keeping enthusiasts engaged and contributing to the sport's popularity in the betting market.

Betinvest's Unique Position in the Market

Betinvest's strategic positioning in the dynamic landscape of table tennis betting is notably characterized by its partnerships with esteemed leagues like WINCUP and TT EURO.CUP. They organize top table tennis tournaments that are well-loved worldwide.

Betinvest partnerships with WINCUP and TT EURO.CUP isn't just cooperation; they represent a winning formula for sportsbooks and bettors. Clients who choose Betinvest's Sports solution gain exclusive access to remarkable benefits. With over 4,500 monthly events, bettors are spoiled for choice, ensuring a continuous stream of engaging content. 

The comprehensive sports solution doesn't stop at event access — it goes further to provide essential tools for content performance optimization. Consistent odds, a full Scouting Feed, and high-quality RTMP streams are among the arsenal of tools available to clients. In table tennis betting, simplicity, accessibility, and excitement are key. The average match duration of 30 minutes, coupled with the sport's universal popularity, makes table tennis an ideal choice for sportsbooks and bettors.

Exclusive Access to Odds Data and Tournament Stats

Betinvest provides a comprehensive suite of odds data and tournament statistics — a valuable resource for bettors seeking an informed and strategic approach to table tennis betting. For TT EURO.CUP, a diverse range of betting options is provided, including 30 in-play and 6 pre-match betting types. WINCUP, on the other hand, offers a selection of 10 in-play and 6 pre-match betting types. The variety ensures that whether a bettor is inclined towards pre-match predictions or prefers the dynamic nature of in-play betting, Betinvest provides a tailored experience for every individual.

The Advantage of Live Streams

Live streaming has transformed sports betting, changing how fans connect with their favorite events. In the digital age, live streams have become essential for the excitement and energy in the betting experience. More than just a matter of convenience, live streaming elevates the entire betting encounter, offering real-time access to the unfolding events.

Betinvest recognizes the importance of live streaming and goes beyond the conventional by providing exclusive access to live streams of WINCUP and TT EURO.CUP events. This strategic approach offers a distinct advantage to bettors, allowing them to enjoy:

  • WINCUP Live Streams: 2 broadcasts showcasing over 80 unique matches daily.

  • TT EURO.CUP Live Streams: 3 broadcasts featuring over 95 unique matches daily.

Future of Table Tennis Betting

Promising trends mark the future of table tennis betting. Anticipated global expansion, fueled by the sport's appeal, is expected to reach emerging markets, enhancing accessibility. Additionally, a shift towards technological integration is poised to redefine the betting experience. There's an anticipation of diversified betting markets, emphasizing nuanced in-play options that elevate the strategy of table tennis betting.

Betinvest is ready to lead this dynamic future by expanding its product geography, notably targeting Germany. This strategic move aligns with the growing interest in table tennis betting in new locations. Additionally, Betinvest plans to launch international tournaments for TT EURO.CUP, enhancing the sport's global presence and offering diverse and competitive events. Betinvest remains at the forefront by embracing these trends, ensuring innovative and inclusive table tennis betting offerings for operators' sportsbooks worldwide.


In summary, our exploration of table tennis betting highlights a sport in a remarkable upward trajectory. Driven by accessibility, year-round tournaments, and a surge in global interest, table tennis has emerged as a standout in the sports betting arena.

Don't miss the opportunity to lead in the exciting landscape of table tennis betting. Partner with Betinvest now and enhance your sportsbook offerings with exclusive content solutions, increasing audience engagement and your revenue.


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