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Get an exclusive glimpse into the world of Sigma Americas 2023 as Alexis Tello, Sales Manager at Betinvest, shares his valuable insights and impressions, and provides a behind-the-scenes look at the highlights and key takeaways from this exciting iGaming adventure.

What was the purpose of Betinvest’s team visiting Sigma Americas 2023?

Our objective in attending Sigma Americas 2023 was to gain firsthand insights into the Latin American market. We aimed to immerse ourselves in the local betting industry, going beyond the information obtained from business analyses and news portals. The ultimate goal was to understand the current landscape, experience the realities of the region, and establish personal connections with potential clients.

Were we specifically showcasing certain products during our visit?

Absolutely. Our intention was to highlight Betinvest’s standout products that have already gained significant recognition and success in the European market. Within our portfolio for Sigma Americas 2023, both Sports and Esports solutions took center stage. We viewed the event as an ideal opportunity to demonstrate their unique features and benefits to the attendees.

What kind of activities did the Betinvest team participate in?

We had a well-defined agenda centered around meeting potential clients. Each stand presented us with ample opportunities for meaningful interactions and discussions. We delved into various topics, including the latest trends in both IT and product development, as well as the pivotal data feed component. We explored the strategies driving the global sports ecosystem and went for what sets us apart from our competitors in the market.

Our team delivered concise presentations, outlining the unique qualities of our products, emphasized the partnerships we have established within recent years, and provided insights into the extensive range of tournaments we cover with our exclusive content solutions. The aim was to effectively communicate what makes Betinvest unique and the value we, as an iGaming provider, bring to the table.

What were the unique selling points we conveyed to prospects at the exhibition?

First and foremost, Betinvest's direct relationships with tournament organizers grant us an exclusive advantage in delivering data with exceptional speed.

Another notable feature is the flexibility of our product in terms of financial models. Instead of offering fixed content packages, we prioritize customization, tailoring our solutions to meet the unique preferences and requirements of various types of businesses. We carefully consider the specific operational formats and technical infrastructures of aggregators or operators, ensuring a seamless integration that maximizes their potential.

Lastly, we are committed to providing exceptional support of the highest quality to our clients, ensuring their utmost satisfaction and fostering their long-term success.

How effective was the exhibition in terms of lead generation?

At Sigma Americas 2023, we seized the opportunity to showcase our offerings to prominent Brazilian operators and sports aggregators. The response was highly promising, with the aggregators displaying significant interest in our Esports solutions and the operators expressing interest in our entire range of exclusive content offerings. Considering the level of engagement and the strong leads generated, we can confidently deem the event as successful.

What made this year's Sigma different from previous years?

This year's Sigma had some notable differences. Firstly, it was much larger in scale compared to last year, doubling in size and attracting a greater number of industry players. We were pleasantly surprised by the significant presence of both major and smaller local companies, particularly those with a Portuguese-Spanish background. Additionally, there was an increased representation of companies from the former CIS region, adding to the diverse atmosphere of the event.

What specific trends and insights did we observe in the LatAm market?

The audience for esports and casino games is experiencing notable growth, with a considerable number of providers and developers offering diverse casino solutions and games. This indicates a strong demand for casino-related content in the market. Additionally, there has been a shift in interest from traditional sports to alternative sports formats. Sports simulation games and fast-paced sports like beach volleyball, short soccer, and table tennis have gained increasing popularity. By actively covering tournaments in these formats, we can effectively target the audience and enhance our portfolio to meet their evolving preferences.


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