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We are thrilled to announce that eHockey tournaments will soon be launched in CyberLive!Arena's Croatian division, adding even more events to the growing league!

Since Betinvest's collaboration with CLA began in 2019, eHockey has continuously grown and evolved. Already popular in the Ukrainian and Polish divisions, it's now making its mark in Croatia. This expansion enables our partners to increase the annual number of events to an impressive 157,000+.

Currently, we offer over 13,000 esports events monthly, with 24/7 coverage and an extensive array of 70+ in-play and pre-match betting markets. We are excited to see these numbers rise and remain committed to pushing the boundaries further.

Daria Petrus, Business Development Team Lead, shares her thoughts: "I'm amazed by the rapid growth of CyberLive!Arena. Recently, CLA Poland introduced eHockey to its lineup, and now CLA Croatia is following suit. Congratulations to our partner — we look forward to witnessing their continued growth and success!


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