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Andrii Hrehul, Head of Quick Sports Manager at Betinvest, talks about how a strong table tennis offering can help sports betting businesses grow and what makes our Sports solution a key to greater customer engagement. Remaining competitive in this ever-growing sports betting industry can be difficult, to say the least. One way in which companies can maintain an edge over their competitors is by providing 24/7 live betting action. Since big championships such as the World Cup or Wimbledon are not conducted daily, fast, dynamic, and easily understandable sports that are popular worldwide are the perfect solution for filling in the gaps.

Table tennis is exactly the kind of sport that is simple, easy to understand, intense, and exciting. The average match lasts 30 minutes, the sport is popular in nearly every country, and tournament schedules are typically jam-packed with events that won't bore even the most restless fan. And that is exactly why table tennis is the highlight of Betinvest's Sports solution.

One of the key benefits of our sports product is that we do not affiliate with leagues from sanctioned countries, which has been a concern for many sports betting providers recently. In contrast, last year, Betinvest signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Winners Sports Hub, the largest sports platform in Eastern Europe. This agreement allows us to access source streams and contestants’ statistics, process the data for trading purposes, and distribute leagues' content worldwide.

Professional table tennis tournaments hosted by the Hub's top organizers, WINCUP and TT PRO.CUP, have been huge hits with fans in countries like Ukraine, Croatia, and Poland. All competitions feature a highly intense and eventful schedule, while tournament regulations are created based on compliance with internationally recognized standards and requirements.

Both leagues run a series of regular table tennis tournaments in a unique format that came from the organizers' long-term expertise in sports management and a strong desire to contribute to the development of their favorite sport. Eight players compete against each other on two tables in a round-robin system, which makes the competitions exciting for both players and fans.

Clients that acquire our Sports solution gain exclusive access to 5,000+ monthly events as well as a broad selection of content performance optimization tools such as consistent odds, a full Scouting Feed, high-quality RTMP streams, and more. As a responsible iGaming provider, we are ready to go to any length to help our partners unlock the full potential of table tennis tournaments and position them for success in the new digital business landscape.

To wrap it up, our Sports solution is the perfect way to power up your sportsbook while creating more entertaining and reliable sports betting experiences. We encourage you to explore its multiple advantages during the 30-day free trial to immediately experience tangible revenue growth!

Andrii Hrehul started working at Betinvest in the year 2020. Andrii has worked extensively with streaming platforms and developed supplementary technical apps for live broadcasts, and he is an expert at arranging the production process for sports and esports content. He currently oversees Sports solution's technical infrastructure and employee administration.


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