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For more than 20 years now, Betinvest has been delivering industry-wide programming, up-to-date functionalities, efficient end-to-end software development, and world-class trading services (be it the odds, risk management, or data). Our pre-match and live solutions are currently running on multiple platforms, attracting new users for previously casino-oriented partners. The company is widely regarded as the single-entry point into the betting industry for both well-established businesses and openers.

Now, we believe the moment has arrived to alter our tactics and face new challenges. Because of the ongoing development of a new and streamlined sportsbook platform, the company's business attention has turned to sportsbook content delivery.

The industry has witnessed considerable changes over the past two years, with the wide-ranging consequences of COVID-19, including increased demand for betting content still being felt. We aim to satisfy that demand with tailored content solutions that meet the individual needs of our clients – and their customers – regardless of where they are in the world.

We have adopted a strategy of establishing exclusive partnerships with federations that oversee prospective sports and esports organizations. The agreements allow us to access source streams and contestants’ statistics, process the data for trading purposes and distribute leagues' content worldwide.

Currently, BetInvest provides sports betting operators with comprehensive Quick Sports and Esports content solutions. These client-focused and quick-to-market products offer an exciting form of entertainment that enhances customers’ enjoyment of high-speed, vibrant traditional sports as well as esports and gaming.

We decided to build on these particular directions for several important reasons. As for the Esports product, there is no doubt that the esports market continues to remain the fastest-growing and, therefore, the most worthwhile investment. From the iGaming operators’ perspective, sports simulation gaming content has numerous opportunities. Since the betting markets, which already exist for their real-life counterparts, can be easily utilized for the esports equivalent, all sports simulation games have a distinct advantage over first-person shooters, MOBAs, and other esports titles.

Betinvest currently holds exclusive broadcasting and content distribution rights for two up-and-coming professional esports leagues – CyberLive!Arena and Esport Pro Club – whose players compete in the most popular sports simulation titles (eFootball, eBasketball, World Basketball, eHockey, eFighting, and eCricket).

Between January 2021 and June 2021, the number of events hosted by both leagues reached 86 000, showing an impressive 72% growth compared to the 49 000 recorded in the first six months of 2020. The average number of events reaches 15000 and may comprise up to 600 events daily. Driven by over 150 skilled players, both leagues already have a strong community of sports enthusiasts around them.

Betinvest’s Esports content solution is sure to drive Gen Z engagement while also drawing in some conservative bettors into esports – a business-critical “bridge” for betting operators to succeed in the long run.

Touching on Betinvest’s Quick Sports solution, we wanted it to encompass sports titles that are fast-paced, dynamic, and popular worldwide. We have partnered with two professional leagues (Winners and WinCup), which run daily tournaments in table tennis and beach volleyball. In addition to the classical sportsbook, Betinvest Quick Sports offering currently incorporates over 10 000 events monthly and covers over 40 betting markets, (both pre-match and in-play). The combination of experienced players and a qualified management team creates an ideal basis for high-quality content production.

To maximize the results, Betinvest adjusts the product to the needs of each specific client. The company’s content solutions come with a comprehensive set of tools that operators may require to grow their sportsbook offering.

Adaptability is one of the core requirements of a sportsbook, enabling operators to differentiate themselves in their target markets. Betinvest is one of the few content suppliers in the industry capable of integrating and adapting to any third-party online platform. Utilizing Quick Sports and Esports content solutions, our clients gain access to RTMP-streams with minimal latency and an Ultimate Scouting WebClient comprising Match Tracking, Event Schedule updates, Odds Calculator, and Detailed Statistics calculated and aggregated using an automated in-house software-analytical system.

We consider integrity to be a cornerstone of sports betting. Our content solutions are underpinned by the complex Anti-fraud service (AFS), which is soon-to-be advanced through machine learning technology to exclude the human factor completely.

Betinvest offers a selection of integration processes based on the client’s capabilities: access via web interface with no integration needed; an API solution if required in the format of raw data; or an iFrame solution for well-established iGaming businesses.

The integration of our Quick Sports and Esports content solutions has never been easier, allowing our clients to reap the benefits of a reputable, well-established iGaming service provider quickly and cost-effectively. We are convinced that Betinvest’s flexible content offering will appeal to operators of all shapes and sizes. When conducting business has been somewhat difficult, these solutions have enabled our existing clients to pursue the most ambitious business goals in the online space. Looking ahead, we continue to focus on more ways for our clients to enhance their sportsbook offering, maximize profits and legitimately boost their game!


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