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Ahead of next week's ICE London 2023, Betinvest Sales Manager Alexis Tello gives his thoughts on the emerging LATAM sports betting and iGaming market and the need for operators to debut a comprehensive, high-performing offering.

1. What does the Betinvest team have in store for ICE London 2023?

Over the last years, Latin America has slowly become a strategically important region for iGaming operators and suppliers seeking growth opportunities in newly regulating markets. Following the lead of Colombia, other countries such as Peru, Brazil, Chile, Panama, and various provinces in Argentina are implementing regulatory regimes for online gambling products, with major European-based operators either pursuing licenses or partnerships with local companies.

ICE London 2023 is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate our roadmap for the nearest future. We look forward to interacting with current and prospective regional partners who want to become market leaders in their local markets.

We want to highlight the power of our Sportsbook Widget and its capacity to provide next-level customization to each Latin American market. The solution is modular at its heart, which means that operators can control and personalize their offerings, and it is this flexibility that has driven our recent expansion efforts. This innovative iGaming software, reliable odds services, and exclusive sports and esports solutions scale across all verticals and may serve different purposes based on the customer’s profile.

2. Which countries stand the best chance of establishing a booming industry, and how apparent is the importance of localization?

Brazil has received a lot of attention since it has the potential to become one of the world's largest markets once the regulatory structure is in place. Colombia and Argentina, for example, have also demonstrated Latin America's potential.

Localization is one of the aspects of the industry that we prioritize; addressing the wide variety of different jurisdictions that make up Latin America, each with its own culture and preferences, requires a thorough understanding of localization and, by extension, player profiling.

The sports betting markets in Latin America are home to some of the world's most enthusiastic bettors. Success in these areas can be significantly increased by demonstrating awareness of local tastes and preferences. It is correct that localization goes beyond offering the right sports – the entire user interface and experience need to be expertly tailored to the needs of the individual market and the given operator’s target audience.

Betinvest offers reliable Odds Feed, which incorporates extensive coverage (over 80 000 sports and esports events monthly) and is supported by a qualified team that utilizes a "one trader per event" approach. This combination will surely drive bettor’s engagement while improving overall sportsbook performance.

3. It is common for Europeans to generalize about the Latin American sports betting market, assuming that football is the most popular sport. What else should operators pay attention to when entering the different LATAM markets?

There is no doubt that football is the most popular sport in Latin America. Still, it is also essential to recognize that any sportsbook hoping to secure meaningful market share in any regulated country must exhibit a breadth of offering across various sports and events. In Brazil, for example, while football has the largest fanbase, sports such as tennis, basketball, and the UFC will be critical to getting right as the country advances toward regulation.

Betinvest is proud to be an exclusive distributor of premium esports and quick sports events to leading sportsbooks around the world, helping them create more entertaining and reliable sports betting experiences. These client-focused and quick-to-market products offer exciting entertainment to boost customers’ engagement and help businesses significantly expand their sportsbook offerings.

Book a meeting with Alexis at Ice London 2023 to learn about how our products and solutions can help you conquer the emerging LATAM market:



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