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Sales Team Lead Daria Petrus looks back on the previous year and predicts that 2023 will be just as successful for Betinvest, saying, "We are closing the year on a winning streak."

In our forecast for 2022, we expected it to be a record-breaking year for our company. Despite the past year's difficulties, we have made significant progress in every area.

We spent the year honing our product line so that we could provide iGaming businesses with cutting-edge, risk-free, and adaptable solutions. We expect the updated version of the Sportsbook Widget, our flagship product, to have a materially positive effect on our key performance indicators and new prospect acquisition over the course of the coming year since it now features improved functionality and leverages new tools (cash-out, betting history preview and more).

It was wonderful to reconnect with clients and business associates in person at the multiple exhibitions we’ve attended (SBC Summits in New Jersey and Barcelona, SIGMA Europe 2022 in Malta). Next year, we anticipate even more meetings and exciting deals, with the first stop at ICE London 2023 between February 7–9, 2023.

This past December marked the third anniversary of the launch of Betinvest's Esports and Sports Solutions, our exclusive products designed to complement and expand our clients' existing sportsbook offerings. In retrospect, it is important to recognize the many significant enhancements our Technical Integration Department has made to the Content Delivery System in order to maximize clients' revenue growth.

In terms of business development, Betinvest began working with regional BDMs in those countries where the company plans to strengthen its presence by 2023. Taking this action will certainly allow Betinvest to expand its business operations in Latin America, reach out to new clients in strategic markets, create compelling special offers, and adapt its existing product offerings to the customer preferences in emerging markets.

I would like to thank all my colleagues for their hard work, expert knowledge, and commitment, as well as the Betinvest clients for their dedication and trust. And may the year 2023 mark the beginning of something fresh, exciting, and groundbreaking for us all!

Warmest wishes,

Daria Petrus, Sales Team Lead at Betinvest


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