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We are excited to announce our strategic collaboration with Altenar. It was set to provide the new partner with an array of Betinvest's top-quality sports and esports solutions and combine the strengths of both sides to boost development in the iGaming industry.

As part of this partnership, we are to supply exclusive sports and esports events for Altenar's sportsbook offering. These include renowned esports leagues such as CyberLive!Arena and Esport Pro Club, whose main titles are eFootball, eFutsal, eBasketball, eBasketball Euroleague, eCricket, and eHockey. Additionally, our deal will feature fast sports leagues — ТТ EURO.CUP, WINCUP, Winners Goal Pro Cup, and Winners, which specialize in table tennis, short football, and beach volleyball. All events within our sports and esports solutions are covered by reliable odds, ensuring an exciting betting experience. With these additions, Altenar's clients will now have access to over 30,000 exclusive monthly events.

Altenar, established in 2011, is a prominent iGaming software provider. They excel at adapting their products to fit various markets and client needs. As a B2B-exclusive company, they specialize in crafting custom sportsbook iGaming software for licensed operators. Altenar places a strong emphasis on building trust and fostering partnerships, making it a partner-oriented provider in the industry.

Dariia Petrus, Head of Sales at Betinvest, said: "This partnership between Betinvest and Altenar brings exciting prospects for the future. The collaboration capitalizes on the synergy in our business development strategies, fostering a clear and effective line of communication. With our deep understanding of each other's goals, Altenar is gearing up for expansion into new regions where Betinvest has something to offer.

By introducing popular international events such as the CLA EuroCup and TT EURO.CUP, we have successfully elevated sports and esports solutions to a European level. Moreover, we focus more than just traditional round-robin tournaments but on taking fast sports formats to an international stage. We also plan to extend Betinvest's presence in various locations, introduce new divisions to leagues, and nurture development.

Looking ahead, the potential for this partnership is immense. With our combined capabilities and shared vision, we envision the creation of unique offerings that Altenar can extend to its clients. This includes introducing fresh titles, innovative tournament formats, unique betting content, and more. Furthermore, strategic market expansion is a key component of Betinvest's growth strategy."


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