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We are thrilled to unveil our latest milestone – the strategic partnership between Betinvest and Abios! This dynamic collaboration marks a significant step forward in the iGaming industry, combining the prowess of Betinvest's cutting-edge esports solutions with Abios' strengths.

In this collaboration, Betinvest is equipping Abios with the eFootball content of two professional leagues, CyberLive!Arena and Esport Pro Club. It means Abios will enhance their monthly offerings with 11,130 events. Additionally, our new partner gains exclusive access to the CLA EuroCup tournament, offering a format that harmonizes with classic esports competitions. All events within our esports portfolio come with reliable odds, high-quality live streams, and complex statistics, ensuring an exciting betting experience. 

Stockholm-based Abios facilitates the growth of a sustainable esports ecosystem by fueling enterprises and ambitious startups with the tools and data needed to build esports projects at scale.

With more than 10 years of experience in esports, Abios provides historical and stream-live data from popular esports titles, such as Counter-Strike, League of Legends, VALORANT and Dota 2, to sportsbooks, search engines, esports teams, and others.

As part of Kambi Group PLC, Abios provides data-driven odds and widgets to the regulated betting industry. Using proprietary modeling and innovative product features, Abios is taking esports betting to the next level.

Daria Petrus, Business Development Team Lead, shared her excitement about the future of Betinvest collaboration with Abios: "Looking ahead, our partnership holds significant strategic potential. We've laid the foundation for a promising teamwork, and there's a wealth of opportunities to explore together. 

The shared expertise and efforts from both sides make this venture genuinely commendable. Working together is not just about achieving common goals; it's about the valuable experience we'll gain collectively. It's an exciting prospect, and we're all looking forward to starting the cooperation."

Oskar Fröberg, Managing Director and Founder of Abios, comments: “Abios has recently taken significant strides to facilitate our eSoccer product reaching new heights. With proprietary modeling, access to best-in-class data sources and a team of esports experts, we’ve been able to build a reliable odds feed coupled with exciting bet offers.

To ensure we can provide 24/7 content to our partners across the globe, we’re thrilled to have Betinvest onboard. With the content they provide, we can ensure even higher flexibility and availability for our partners, ultimately leading to more differentiated and optimized sports betting offerings.”


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