Online Platform.

Freedom. Speed. Visibility.

The Betinvest Online Platform offers a new approach to business development and has been designed for the convenience of both you and your customers. We offer 2 versions of the online platform – desktop and mobile.

The platform benefits from simple integration, customisation, an impressive design, a wide choice of options, protection against risks and comprehensive support from our experts. We offer 2 versions of the platform: White Label and Turnkey.

White Label – Get Started Quickly and Easily

You get a platform that is easy to work with, thanks to its flexibility, simplicity and speed. With this platform, you can have a license or sub-license. Forget about the complicated paperchase! You can quickly and reliably complete administrative tasks and ensure that your business is legally compliant. We take care of risks, management and support whilst providing innovative products. You get a reliable, ready-made platform that will help your business to succeed.

Turnkey – A Reliable Platform

We provide a convenient and reliable platform which can be used with your existing license. It comes with easy integration, risk protection and comprehensive support. Our platform is multilingual, secure, customisable and attractive to your players, as well as benefitting from multi-currency support. Put your ideas into the hands of our experts and we will implement them to enhance your success.

What you get

  • simple and fast integration
  • customised UI/UX website design
  • mobile version of your website
  • risk management and anti-fraud tools
  • a platform that will attract a new generation of players
  • 24/7/365 customer service and technical support
  • intuitive interface
  • powerful server for each operator
  • customisable geolocation
  • secure hosting on either the Betinvest Data Centre server or on our dedicated client server

Online Platform.

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