The Reasons for the Popularity of Mobile Gambling

Gambling on mobile devices is one of the world’s biggest tech and leisure trends. In the UK alone, this form of betting has grown to account for 43% of total gambling industry revenues, an increase of 10% since 2015. The main reason for the rise of mobile in the industry is clear – live betting.

Since nearly half of all Britons like to bet, the UK is often a testing ground for the latest betting innovations. British punters are also some of the smartest – if a new betting style or feature offers genuine value, they’ll go for it and the new approach stands a good chance of being rolled out internationally. That’s certainly been the case with live betting.

Cell phones and gambling –the perfect match

Mobile technology and live betting both provide near-instant gratification. Feeling in touch with the world is something most people today rely on. For gamblers, being able to watch the momentum of a game, pick the perfect moment to place a bet and then keep tabs it so they can cash out is all part of the thrill.

Then there’s the effect of the environment. Standing in a bet shop is nothing like being at the races. With the best will in the world, they can be depressing places, especially when a player loses. Mobile betting, on the other hand, can be a private affair or an intensely social experience. Players can bet quickly and easily in any kind of social setting.

Top quality mobile experience

Mobile technology also ensures the quality of experience. To gain competitive edge, gambling operators offer increasingly exciting and immersive graphics and betting options. These are only successful if the technology which delivers them is up to scratch. With 4G – and hopefully, soon, 5G – connectivity, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Previous generations of gambling apps included options for PC which weren’t available on mobile versions. The situation is now very different, with mobile-first a well-established principle, and some operators offering mobile-only versions. Gambling apps don’t require a lot of data storage, unlike games, for example. This makes them easier to install on mobiles, even without wi-fi.

Eastern Promise

It’s massive in Europe, but mobile betting is probably even more popular in Asia, due to a key cultural difference between East and West: household makeup. While a western family might have a room for almost every family member to do what they like in privacy, in many Asian households this isn’t the case. Also, a family might only have one PC or laptop per household. Mobile ownership is higher in Asia than any other part of the world, at least partly for this reason.

Mobile gambling and social media

Another very important reason for the popularity of online gambling is its interoperability with social media. Not only operators can communicate offers more directly, but players can instantly trade tips and brag about their wins.

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