Small software team drives sportsbook iFrame solution for Betinvest

Betting platform provider Betinvest put faith in a small team with the right software expertise to push through the development of its customised ‘plug-and-play’ Sportsbook iFrame solution.

The team consisted of only four developers with ten years experience in the industry. Starting their careers in Germany, the four have also worked in Cyprus, Asia as well as Ukraine.

Valentyn Kyrylenko, VP of Business Development at Betinvest, explained how it is much more efficient to establish a smaller team in the development stages of a product as it simplifies communications.

He said: “The more people you have, the more communication is required within the team, meaning that the project progresses more slowly. For example, if you want to get one extra person on board, you need one person from the team to teach them for at least a month, maybe two. Overall, a minimum of two months of work are lost: one for the learner and one for the teacher.”

The solution’s sportsbook management function was developed to give operators the chance to create business reports, teasers and promotions. In addition to this, users are able to monitor turnovers for both main sports and other activities.

What differentiates the product from others is that it can be fully customised, with a set of management tools enabling clients to make quick changes themselves. This includes full customisation for the esports offering.

Kyrylenko added: “For this project, four developers were plenty. If we’d had 20 or 40 developers working on our project, we wouldn’t have got anything done very quickly – we’d have wasted a lot of time just communicating with each other, slowing down the process.

“For example, the famous .NET Core project has only 10 core developers. All the big projects start with small teams and grow from there. We can expand the team after the development stage, once everything is stable, but we always have to keep the core team small.”

“Getting someone new on board takes a lot of time. You have to train them, and you know that even after the training there will inevitably be some mistakes that will cost you in time to correct. Training people to maintain the platform is a lot easier.”


This article was originally published by SBC News.

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