Cybersports: Where to Invest to Strike a Bargain

Real-life sports slowly return into our lives; however, it doesn’t mean that cybersports are somewhere close to becoming a holdover from the past. If anything, the current trend in the industry promises us a slow yet stable establishment of cybersports among the leaders on the real sports betting market – football and basketball.

While the potential capacity of online games & sports from the betting perspective is undeniable, the question remains – precisely what games a business owner should consider the top priority? To answer the question, we’ve collected the analytical data from our trading experts that throws light on the market insides of betting tendencies during the lockdown.

What quarantine brought to the cybersports industry

When most countries banned all kinds of live events and closed down sports arenas, the focus spontaneously shifted onto the cyber alternatives of the thrilling competitions. What previously was an “inside dope” for a small circle of fans in one day became nearly the only available entertainment for the betters of all ages.

Of course, not all players were able to accept the instantaneous changes – only 10% of people who only bet on real sports before the lockdown was able to transit to cyber events. The reasons for such a poor turnover rate are:

  • age gap: while most real sports fans are people of 26-35 age range, cybersports betters fall into a younger age range, from 18 to 25, which explains the difference in worldview and interests
  • high threshold: to start betting on cybersports, one has to know the topic and/or play cybersports themself, which is a barrier for a smooth transition from football or basketball to cybersports
  • community closure: whilst sports events are usually widely broadcasted on TV, YouTube, and other platforms, to get access to cybersports you have to know about Twitch, which is yet another block for eSports & eGames popularizers

Thanks to the lockdown, and despite all the obstacles, the perfect climate for cybersports flourishing was created. It is due to the business owners to seize the opportunity and turn the seemingly complex situation into business growth.

Classic or Alternative: comparison of benefit potential

It’s time to face the inevitable: real-life sports were once a pillar of the betting industry, which now is gone – temporary or no is a secondary topic to discuss. As a solution, one has to either wait for an unspecified period of time before the quarantine measures will go down, or adapt and thrive. Obviously, we stick up with the second option.

Even though it seems like with cybersport, you don’t have too much to choose from, it is a false impression.

All cybersports could be generally divided into two branches – the major one, which includes Dota 2, CS:GO, LoL, Starcraft etc., and a group of games, which are analogous to real sports – eFootball (FIFA), eBasketball (NBA), eTennis (Tennis World Tour), eHockey (NHL).

Choosing where to put money is generally referring to one’s marketing efforts. For example, if two events – one for a classic game, the other for an alternative – happen to take place on the same day, which one would you preferably promote? To get the most out of money invested in advertisement and players’ attraction, it is important to know the odds of each option – and here’s where BetInvest insights come into use.

Based on the analytical data, since the beginning of the year, the number of both classic and alternative eSports betters has increased drastically. Still, their month-by-month tendency in no wise could be called stable.

In January, your efforts in classic eSports promotion might’ve been more successful thanks to a larger number of fans. Still, the tables have turned in the middle of March when alternative eSports players pool made a rapid ascent and became equal to classic fans number.

From the point of intercrossing, the alternative eSports plot line experienced stable growth, only letting its positions in April, when the consequences of the unemployment rate have come into view.

Classic eSports, on the other hand, became less popular among players: when the lockdown came, people still were eager to enjoy players competing in sports. This explains the unprecedented growth of interest towards alternative disciplines and slow stabilization, or, rather, damping of the enthusiasm around classic eSport games.

In this particular period of time, it is better to put an emphasis on the alternative eSports, which would simply attract more players, and, therefore, bring higher profit. No one knows whether the trend will we traceable further in time – thus, it is important to hop on it before some unknown variable will enter the equation and shuffle all the cards.

What video games deserve special attention

Knowing how the alternative and classic eSports have shifted throughout the past six months, one’s decision to which of the cyber disciplines to emphasize can now be based on the actual numbers.

However, there still is some uncertainty on which of the particular games that compose eSports generate maximum income with the same amount of investments. Here are some of our observations on the topic.

Different alternative eSport games don’t have the same influence on your income. So, the right solution would be to concentrate on the tried-and-true options while experimenting with side possibilities. There are many other platforms that would stick up with the single, most reliable video games while ignoring the promising ones. It is due to your decision to either compete with them or act smart and win your place on the market with intelligence.

Classic Cybersports Profit Input
It wouldn’t be smart to completely abandon classic eSports, especially those that demonstrate such stability to stay among the niche leaders even after half-year – a very brittle half-year. Take into consideration this fact and distribute your efforts thoughtfully.

After all, the quarantine won’t last forever. It indeed has plunged the whole gambling market into chaos, but once the constraints end, we’ll again have to develop a worldview with an account of all the things this period has modified. The popularity of cybersports will not vanish without a trace – fans will still look after the games they’ve followed while being in lockdown, which means that your efforts in building a convenient betting/gambling platform will pay back.

The niche of cyber disciplines is highly promising in the long run: it not only allows you to continue working while all the sports events are called off but also make a substantial income from the games your competitors haven’t yet considered exploiting.

We strongly recommend looking at our eSports  and eGames  add-ons to your Sportsbook. They would broaden your platform’s possibilities by inviting a whole new stratum of players to explore your business. Make sure you’ve contacted us if any questions about this article or our products have occurred.

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