Betting on sports today: facts and benefits

Online sports betting is gaining momentum in the world. For residents of the world’s poorest countries, network wagering is gradually becoming a major source of income.

Experts assure that it is absolutely safe to deal with large companies: they cannot “slip away” with their clients’ money at any time because the largest companies such as William Hill, Pinnacle, Ladbrokes or Bwin, have millions of registered users on their websites.

According to global studies, the largest number of players in the parimutuel betting live in economically developing regions of Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. The interest of people in poor countries to betting is easily explained: for many, they become the main means of earning.

According to the consulting company in the field of the betting business, if in 2009 the online sports betting segment had revenues of $ 9.9 billion, by 2013, they almost had doubled, reaching $ 16.8 billion. Today this figure has become even bigger.

Earlier, in the time of only offline betting in the bookmaker area, in order to bet on a particular outcome of the match, it was necessary to find the so-called booth (betting shop), fill in the appropriate forms and wait patiently for the result of the game.

With the development of the internet, the action algorithm has become much more operational. Simply register your own account on the site of the bookmaker you like, attach your bankcard to it, make your first deposit and you can start playing. Win or lose – depends on the analytical ability of the player, their composure and knowledge of the basics of risk management.

Every day, there are hundreds of sports events that you can bet online. And here an individual approach comes into play – which match will you choose, how deeply will you analyze it, how lucky will you be in the end? After all, it is a sport!

According to experts in this business, modern internet betting has a lot of advantages over the offline betting business. Firstly, it is possible to make a bet from any device connected to the network – it is necessary to have only a high-quality communication channel. Secondly, in reputable online companies, a professional support service works around the clock, answering almost any player’s question.

Finally, the third and most important is the opportunity to win good money. After all, transferring winnings from a gaming account to a bankcard takes no more than two or three banking days from a bookmaker, and even in most cases – hours or minutes.

According to the specialists, very few people can overcome the excitement with cold calculation and following a well-thought-out strategy. But a lot of players can win very often.

The biggest fans of modern sports sweepstakes live in Asia – according to the data of the research of the company H2 Gambling Capital. According to them, this region accounted for 43% of the total profitability of the global sports betting industry last year.

The Stickyeyes marketing agency researched the UK online sports betting market — the largest in Europe — and concluded that in 2013 it had more than £ 1.2 billion in capacity. According to forecasts of research company GamblingData, by 2020, this market in the United Kingdom will grow by another 33.4%.

With the growing popularity of the online segment, the top global brands of the betting business – such as, for example, William Hill or Ladbrokes, are increasingly focusing on the conquest of social media.

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