Betinvest: Tailoring the iFrame solution for Asian operators

Betinvest has taken a leap into the world of esports through its industry-first customisable iFrame solution.

Vitalii Humeniuk, the firm’s esports development manager, and Valentyn Kyrylenko, VP of Business Development, spoke to SBC News about the development of its solution and why it is such a good fit for Asian market operators.

SBC: Hi Valentyn, can you outline the key USP’s of the Betinvest iFrame solution?

VK: Our iFrame is a ‘plug-and-play’ solution which allows easy integration for operators. This can reduce running costs by at least 80%. We also chose to keep our sportsbook and esports solutions separate to enabling firms to have more flexibility.

Firms will be able to try the platform out easily through our ‘plug-and-play’ integration so that they can gain an understanding of how it works and be able to decide whether they really want to start their own operations.

They won’t have to go through the long processes of development and testing stages because we already have done that, saving them time to just get into the betting.

SBC: Why is it such a good fit for Asian market operators?

VK: We worked with our partners in Asia and investigated the key features of the market. We came to multiple conclusions such as adapting the betting handicap, reducing the quantity of events and markets, all to suit the players’ needs.

One example of this is reducing the handicap from the European three to two as in the Asian market there’s no need for a draw. This means that there are no high risks for bookmakers and no low prizes for players, helping to maintain a balance which is vital for any operator.

Another discovery we made was that customers in Asia weren’t used to seeing high numbers of markets, but instead tend to have only a few. By contrast, in Europe we provide a vast range of markets so we decided on the option to hide unnecessary markets.

SBC: Turning to you, Vitalii. We understand that you have completed a platform integration for omg.bet; how excited are you for this product to hit the market?

VH: We are delighted to get started with omg.bet and for us to be concentrating so many of our resources on the development of a new product is very exciting.

We want to kill the stigma that esports isn’t a genuine industry, while helping the next generation to realise how serious it can be as a business opportunity. Through brands such as omg.bet, we can really push this.

We are so pleased to be working with them because they help drive this aim, and their emphasis on creating original content and sharing news about esports shows this.

SBC: How does the front end set up for clients such as omg.bet need to be tailored for the best chance of success in Asia?

VH: Modern society needs instant results, otherwise people will go to other sites before you have chance to display your products.

Omg.bet has been developed specifically with this in mind and tailored towards minimalism. It has been optimised to be visually easy on the eye, accessible across all devices.

As their provider, we have been able to provide our knowledge from other betting sites in order to develop a strong site that will attract esports fans.

SBC: The final word for you, Valentyn. How important has esports become to an operator’s product mix? And what is next for Betinvest with esports?

VK: If you were to tell anybody in this industry just a couple years ago the next big market would be esports, there would definitely be sceptics.

For example, we didn’t have a team specifically for esports until last year and now we provide our clients with odds for 2,000 pre-match and up to 1,000 live events for major games around the globe.

We also have our esports iFrame solution and in-house esports Data Feed so we are truly trying to push the seriousness of esports.

Next, we are looking to conduct tournaments and arrange sponsorships. This industry will continue to develop rapidly as it has done and we want to be at the forefront of its growth.


This article was originally published by SBC.

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