Betinvest launches Sportsbook solution specific to eSports

Betinvest has put its eSports clients in control of the technical, technological and trading aspects of the business through its industry-first customisable Sportsbook iFrame solution.

The solution’s Sportsbook management function, which gives operators the opportunity to create business reports, teasers and promotions, as well as being able to see the turnovers for both main sports and other activities, is not a new thing for the industry.

However, the Sportsbook iFrame technology from Betinvest is unique in that allows customisation specifically for eSports. Those targeting this vertical can therefore operate in any region, and with the unique design and branding to suit the market requirements.

Valentyn Kyrylenko, VP of Business Development at Betinvest, said: “For every Sportsbook iFrame client, we create a system tailored to them. The success of this product is all down to our flexibility when it comes to the technical aspects.

“Sports betting products are our speciality: we know what the Sportsbook needs to be successful, and through our iFrame solution, we can offer our whole range of products with the simplest way to start using them. We have also made one of the best solutions on the market for mobile devices, which scales down automatically from the desktop version.”

To emphasise this speed to market, even for the provision of eSports betting markets, Kyrylenko explained: “With the Sportsbook iFrame solution, operators can launch sports betting – including eSports markets – in just a matter of hours.

“These operators can quickly change the frontend view and the display of information because these changes don’t affect the core aspects of the client’s platform.”

Despite these more obvious front-end benefits, cyber security – including the safe storage and appropriate usage of of personal data, which remains on the operator side – has been another core focus for the Sportsbook iFrame development.

“iFrame means that our clients are in control – they can apply any necessary settings or customisations to ensure the safety of the business themselves,” added Kyrylenko. “All the data we exchange is encoded, not personalised, so even in the event of a data breach, information about customers and their transactions won’t be compromised.”

Meanwhile, the third key component of the iFrame technology is the enhanced marketing potential, through the autonomous creation of teasers, promotions and interface changes.

“Operators will swiftly and easily be able to control and adapt to the specifics and trends of the market or sports schedule through their back-end settings,” Kyrylenko concluded. “In addition, we provide our partners with very important tools for analysing the operational aspect of their business, which is very rarely found in iFrame based products.”


This article was originally published by SBC News.

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