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Valentyn Kyrylenko, VP of business development at Betinvest, explains the principle of “Test fast to innovate faster” in sportsbook industry by explaining how iframe sportsbook solution works.

INTERGAMINGi: Could you tell us about your Sportsbook iFrame solution and why you believe it is so important?

 Valentyn Kyrylenko: “Firstly, this is not just an ordinary sportsbook iframe technology, as it goes beyond any sportsbook iframe solution that an operator typically finds on the market. It is a fully fledged sportsbook service at your fingertips. I prefer to think of it like this because Betinvest doesn’t just provide our clients with an ordinary sportsbook functionality, but also with the back office tools to make it possible for operators to manage Sportsbook iFrame themselves. It is a revolutionary approach: providing managable sportsbook as a service.

“This means that Betinvest handles the sportsbook content in terms of events, live events, esport or ordinary sports, categories, tickets and odds. Meanwhile, everything relating to the users – the customers, sessions, stakes, bets, bonuses and advertising – is under the control of our B2B partners and that’s what makes Betinvest iframe sportsbook truly unique.

“As for the importance of iframe technology and our new service, what really stands out here is the ability to get started in the sports betting business fast and easy basically at no cost at all.

Sometimes when people ask me about what are the benefits of iFrame sportsbook in a nutshell, I compare the service iFrame sportsbook offers to the takeaway delivered from the Michelin starred restaurant. As with the sportsbook experience, the Michelin dish can be prepared by yourself, and anyone can actually do it provided the person funds the training and stays in good shape. But if what matters most is enjoying the taste without the hassle of peeling the vegetables, let the others do the job they are best at.

“Our clients don’t need to develop their own gaming software: we prepare everything for them and integrate it using an iframe technology. Gambling technology needs to meet certain criterias, and we can provide them.

“In addition, sportsbook delivered via iFrame reduces the cost of running a betting business for our partners by at least 80 per cent. It’s a straightforward plug and play solution for businesses.

“Iframe technology is like using a smartphone – you just download an app and can start using it right away. It will give you a link to use on your website. Enter the link and start working – it’s as easy as that.”

What additional capabilities does it have?

“The most important functionality that we provide with our Sportsbook iFrame is a comprehensive back office. Betinvest provides operators with a variety of tools to manage their businesses. As far as I know, other sportsbook iframe providers do not offer such option at the level we do.

“Iframe sportsbook solution has two levels of back office. One is for our own company, Betinvest. This enables Betinvest to manage and support our clients. The second one is for our clients, so that they can manage their own businesses. And it does not stop at that. If an operator works as B2B provider, it receives a super-agent admin system.

“Betinvest also uses iframe integration to provide other products and services to its clients, but this is dependent on the partner’s needs and their platform. We are flexible, and aim to offer this flexibility to our clients.”

Within its sportsbook management function, what tools does it have for operators?

“With Betinvest Sportsbook iFrame, clients are able to change the content; pause or cancel events; manage their high-risk and VIP customers; group customers into specific categories; conduct marketing; create and award bonuses; alter the advertising settings; create reports and income charts.

“The clients can manage a lot of things through this back office. It removes the need to call Betinvest and ask us to do things for them. We give them control. No one else in the industry does this. What’s more, operators can also change the frontend design.”

What’s special about the UI/UX design?

“All betting websites have almost identical designs and layouts. The reason behind this is a simple one – people are getting used to certain things. It’s easier for players to practice the knowledge they already have rather than learn new tricks. In terms of basic UI expectations sportsbook is similar to what people expect from the new email service: regardless of whether you use Outlook or Gmail, you don’t want to struggle if you have to find inbox or sent mails if when you switch provider because the overall flow is always the same and you expect certain things to stay where they always are. But then, why people change their email software? Because there is always a way to combine deferent things in a better way.

“Our iframe sportsbook clients will be able to choose from and switch between 15 different designs and pick a theme their players can enjoy most. At a basic level, there is the option to change the outlines, the colours, etc, but if a partner wants a certain look for their website, we can also provide that for them. Betinvest team can implement anything very quickly. Stay local while actin global – that’s our recipe for successful UI/UX approach.

With your esports solution, how important was it to produce the first piece of technology customized specifically for the esports audience?

“Things are changing and young people become very interested in esports. It’s an industry which is growing very quickly and for which we are prepared, offering our in-house products eSports Data Feed and eSports iFrame. Betinvest decided to separate its sportsbook service from the esports one by implementing an independent service architecture. This way, clients whose main target is esports can opt to use only this specific service without an extra load on their system.

“With respect to the interface of our eSports, the company took the best things that already exist, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. So we have created the same wheel but put in on steroids by designing it according to esports player needs and preferences.
“Do you know what the most common request from our clients is? They come to me and say: ‘Look, in Germany we have Tipico and I want it to be exactly like that.’ They know it’s popular: if it works, why try to change it? So we don’t, we succeed by keeping what works and redesigning what doesn’t.

Could you describe the cyber security and risk management elements?

“With iframe sportsbook, Betinvest clients are in the driver seat – they can apply any necessary settings or customization options to ensure the safety of their business. All the data operator provides via our API is encoded, not personalized, so even in the event of a data breach, information about customers and their transactions won’t be compromised.”

How do you customize Sportsbook iFrame?

“Iframe sportsbook system is very flexible and can be changed to blend with regional preferences. Betinvest frontend developer can handle every kind of layout.

“We aim to have a pack of different templates at least for European, Asian, Arabic, CIS and US markets”

How does it benefit both the players and the operators?

It doesn’t matter if the glass is half empty or half full, there is clearly room for more wine. In a way sportsbook can be compared to such glass of wine. Whether it underperforms or doing really well, there are always things to be improved. Anyone can make those things bigger and more complex but it takes a lot of courage and expertise to move in the opposite direction. And the result of it is the simplicity delivered fast.

I came to understanding that the main rule of success in technology is being able to test things fast. The more things you can test during certain period, the bigger is the chance you find the one which works specifically for you. And that’s exactly what Betinvest offers. In fact, it is not even the sportsbook as such. It’s the ability to test the ideas, receive the proof of concept and decide on the direction without spending extra time for the implementation stage.

The operator doesn’t have to go through the tortuous development and testing stages, because Betinvest has already done it and came up with the iframe sportsbook solution. With Betinvest operators are able to invest time in players. As for the players, they won’t have to spend time looking for the alternative sportsbook provider. They will enjoy the service the way they are used to but with the extra options they never had.

This article was originally published by iNTERGAMINGi.

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