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Do business simply. Attract players easily. Increase profit quickly.

Lottery by Betinvest is a simple product for both you and your customers. The beauty of its simplicity is that it can be launched in any market. Anyone can play. We provide comprehensive 24/7 support for your business. You can access 100 lotteries from around the world through a convenient platform with extensive customisation options. Choose the lottery best suited to your players.

What you get

  • up to 100 national lotteries from around the world
  • 20,000+ events per month
  • 12,000,000+ bets per month
  • 10,000+ bets per minute
  • 700+ daily rounds every 5 minutes
  • 5 types of visualisation
  • Support for online, mobile and retail platforms
  • Multi-currency support
  • 10+ languages including English, Spanish, French, Romanian, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish and Chinese


  • A design specific to your chosen products and country
  • Dedicated web pages with a detailed overview of bets


  • Fraud protection
  • RTCP support (Real-Time Control Protocol)

Attracting Players

  • V.I.P customer program
  • Live broadcast of lotteries from anywhere in the world


  • Automated and multilevel bets
  • 24/7 bet monitoring
  • Real-time notifications
  • Seamless wallet and HTML5 available
  • Support available 24/7/365 in English, Russian and Romanian

What your players get

The chance to receive winnings quickly

Equal opportunities to play and win – no specific knowledge required

A convenient and flexible platform

An intuitive interface

Stages and setup


Sign the documents: an NDA and a Client Card


Generate the website nodes: Partner ID, Host and Port


Integrate API




Stream the odds


Catch your own lucky number!

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