Peru Gaming Show: Betinvest notes

Peru Gaming Show was held from 19-20 June. Our Head of Marketing & PR, Anna Dmytriyeva, was there. Here are some of her observations about the local gambling industry:

Legal framework
Despite the fact that gambling is now legal, betting nonetheless remains unregulated. All types of gambling are subject to tax. Operators can work under existing licenses of Malta and Curaçao.

Approach strategy
The gambling industry mustn’t limit itself to online gambling. Offline services are also important. Why? It’s not about the quality of the internet connection: that’s stable and accessible throughout the region. It’s because people are more trusting of what they can see with their own eyes in their local area: near their house, on their way to work and when they’re going to the supermarket. Your reputation and confidence in your brand are based on players’ recognition of your name and your presence as land-based. Unfortunately, there’s also a downside to this: for example, in some areas, increased betting shop security is required.

Who plays and places bets? Men and women aged 38-73 years – generation X and Baby Boomers. Here, sport is a big deal. On the streets, almost everyone watches matches on their mobile phones and football is the favourite sport of all. The average sports bet is small: from $1 to $5. Meanwhile, the number of bets placed in one betting shop can reach 350 every day.

Despite the region’s love of sports and the huge potential for betting industry development, human resources leave much to be desired. Therefore, betting companies that plan to open offices here will need to train and support the development of their own staff.

In Peru, a public organisation has been established to promote and lobby the interests of sports betting. It is called APADELA – Asociacion Peruana de Apuestas Deportivas en Linea y Afines. Despite being the third organisation of its type in Peru, it acts as a link enabling cooperation between businesses and regulators. Regulators, in turn, are loyal and open to offers, which is helping to further develop the gaming industry in Latin America and to build bridges.

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