Mobile gambling in today’s business

Modern online casinos are ready to offer their customers an exhaustive set of gambling entertainment. However, players increasingly prefer mobile gambling.

Mobile gambling against online casinos

It cannot be said that there is intense competition between the two different approaches to the provision of gambling. At least for today, there is not. The fact is that in most cases, online casino operators are engaged in the support of mobile applications, allowing gamers to bet the way they like. As a result, although the number of players in ordinary virtual institutions decreases, the audience of customers using smartphones to play increases.

In general, the balance remains, and it cannot be said that the owners of internet establishments are experiencing significant problems with attendance or profitability of the business.

The only difficulty is that more and more online casino operators appear, providing only mobile gambling services. And here they are the real competitors. According to recent polls, about two thirds of the players prefer making bets using smartphones. It can be assumed that a similar trend will continue in the future, or even become stronger.

Full support for mobile gambling is provided by the developers of slot machines. If several years ago, players complained about the lack of applications for smartphones, now there is no such problem. Gamblers have dozens of first-class slots available sometimes of even better quality than online casinos. Thanks to the touch screens, the control of the machines turns out surprisingly convenient and fast. Perhaps the only thing you can complain about is the impossibility of simultaneously running several gaming applications.

However, players can turn on their favorite slots at any time. So far, there is no need to say that internet casinos are finally leaving the stage but, perhaps, very soon they will have to make significant room for the gambling market.

Regional Features: China

Despite that gambling is officially banned in China, the state continues to receive huge profits from this industry. These bans are easy to get around through online casinos. As we all know, Asians are literally crazy about various gadgets, smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Naturally, it does not do without visiting online casinos. Due to the huge demand, the number of games themselves is growing. According to many rating analysts, the developers of mobile games in China have already received incomes of more than 5.5 billion dollars. One local well-known analytical center predicts that by 2020, this figure will increase to $ 12 billion.

The Chinese think that the annual growth of mobile gamers will be 66 percent. There are almost no such industries that can proudly declare a permanent increase in income.

Lisa Hanson, who holds the position of Managing Partner at Niko Partners, claims that even despite the ban on gambling entertainment in the Middle Kingdom, mobile gaming generates more than 35 percent of the profits. We would like to remind you that in China, there are many casinos with live dealers, as well as well-known world bookmakers are represented. The greatest incomes come from casinos with live dealers (about 70 percent of the total). Most of all, the Chinese love to play Baccarat, Mahjong, Pai Year poker, and Sik-Bo.

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