Differences and features of betting in eSports

If we compare the current computer games with the 20-years-ago games, the result will be stunning. Now, the usual non-network game will not please anyone, as everyone is playing online with real opponents. The generation that grew up on computer games has grown imperceptibly, which has led to the widespread development of eSports. Its popularity grew so quickly that bookmakers could not ignore it. Even such large offices as William Hill and Pinnacle Sports began to take bets on eSports. In addition, there are bookmakers who specialise only in this sport.

Basic rates

  • The main outcome. A bet on the victory of a certain team.
  • With a handicap. Bets on winning and losing teams with a certain handicap accepted. Bets with odds on the cards are also accepted.
  • Result on the cards. Bets on winning teams in certain cards are accepted.
  • The passage of the team. The player bets on which of the two teams will take a higher place in the standings or pass further in the playoff grid. In the case of identical indicators of teams, the bookmaker makes a return bet.
  • Total. The total number of points of both teams. You can also put on the total of a separate team.
  • Winning the tournament. In eSports, it is difficult to predict the winner of the tournament due to the large number of participants.


If you do not know the rules of the game thoroughly, then it is better not to bet on it. In each game, there are lots of nuances that you simply do not take into account. Look at the statistics of the teams, and you need to know the characteristics of each player. In eSports, each individual player is very important, so his or her unsuccessful game can affect the overall result of the team. The earlier the team was formed, the better the actions of its members would be worked out.

Serious teams do not just rely on the skills of individual players; they build tactics for each individual game. Therefore, it does not hurt to look at the records of previous games teams, in order to understand their model of behaviour in different situations.

Aged players are more experienced. Surely, they grew and improved along with the games, but they have one major drawback. The reaction rate begins to decline closer to 30 years, so in games where you need to make lightning decisions, young players have a head start.

Keep in mind that the players’ motivation changes from tournament to tournament. The emotional state of the participants is also important, so it will not hurt to get acquainted with the latest interviews of athletes.

Features of e-sports bets

Despite the huge popularity, eSports is a poorly studied sport. In Europe, it is still not as popular as a football, for example, but in Asia, the prize funds for eSports tournaments are on a par with those of tennis matches. Interest in the tournaments is therefore very high.

In eSports, as in other sports, the public has its own favorites. The amount of bets on such teams usually exceeds the probability of winning teams, so there are often currency markets in the line.

Amounts of bets on eSports annually beat all new records and the decline in popularity of this sport in the near future is not expected. If you have a good knowledge of any game and periodically watch tournaments in eSports, you can try your hand at betting on it. If self-reliance is not enough, then you should start with a game for virtual money.

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