Magic Keno by Betinvest: Popular game with your favorite numbers and minimum betting time

Produced by Betinvest, the ancient and well-known game Magic Keno contains new, compelling features. With the “Mystery Globe”, the anticipation of the draw brings you the sense of the unknown and glorious luck. Magic Keno provides players with new opportunities in betting process by introduction of true casino features. You will be able to choose two or four numbers simultaneously in one click. Therefore, the bet can be placed in just two or three clicks. In addition, the client gets a chance to fix favorite numbers and bet with them for selected draws. Players may plan their bets up to 20 rounds. A new round is played every three minutes, 24/7 and the payout table is always visible.

Betinvest’s clients have always enjoyed the classic Keno game. Now, the game is at the stage of its first integration. Therefore, the visual part of Magic Keno is still being improved, and according to developers, more advanced graphics and betting features are coming soon.


Magic Keno also offers a bonus system. Top players in Leaderboard will receive virtual benefits for their gaming. There will be an option of 100% cashback available for the lost tickets with bet up to 1 euro. The Betinvest team have an idea to provide the clients with extra bonuses from 1 to 10 euro for holidays.

The game is currently available in 11 languages. There are English, Chinese, Romanian, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, and Arabic versions. Magic Keno can be a part of online platforms as well as a free part of land base or a terminal solution.


This product review was created and originally published by Gambling Insider.

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