Erlang from scratch with Betinvest:

  • online course
  • course coach - Serhii Kostiushkin (Development Manager at Betinvest)
  • max. 6 people in a group
  • 2 months
  • 8 lessons
  • once a week in the evening
  • challenging homework
  • graduation party
  • employment after course*

What is Erlang

Erlang is much more than a programming language. You can't compare it to other languages based only on it's syntax or idioms. It's actually a mini operating system, running on top of another operating system, with lots of interesting and useful features (of which we'll talk later). Erlang was born in Sweden, at Ericsson, to be the language of their phone exchanges and networking devices. It was open sourced in 1998. You usually hear about Erlang that it is intended for distributed computing and heavy workloads. However, to some extent, almost any modern, high-level programming language can cope with this, why do experts believe that Erlang is the indisputable leader for solving such problems? You can learn the answer to this question at the very first lecture in our Erlang course. You are welcome to join and bring your friends.

We are Betinvest.

Betinvest Ltd is a leading provider of technology solutions to the sports betting and gaming industry, supporting both the online and the land-based operation. With 20 years of operational and platform experience, we have banded together a group of professionals who undoubtedly stand among the companies top assets.

Employing over 350 in-play and pre-match traders, incorporating a large IT team, teams of risk managers, trading analysts, mathematicians and statisticians, all complemented with in-house developed auto-trading.

We work hard to provide the best suite of products out there, all backed up by our unrivaled technical support team.

Our Products

We provide comprehensive products with a unique risk-management system which ensures that our clients can offer stable and reliable services with outstanding results.



Our Sportsbook includes customisable betting margins, lists of events and markets with immediate and accurate bet settlement during the match. You, the business owner, get full protection against risks and scammers whilst we take care of the technical, legal and financial aspects of your business.

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Data Feed

Our technology provides lightning-speed data delivery in every country, for every client. Our Data Feed program has a simple integration system. In addition, we provide our clients with technical and business support, because your success is of great importance to us. You will get a stable service without downtime or signal delay. Your data will always be up to date.

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Virtual Gaming

We offer you a complete set of tools and functions to successfully operate and support your online casinos. The power of our solutions allows your players to bet anywhere, anytime, on any device through a single account and wallet. With high-quality content, a powerful platform, business intelligence technologies and automated marketing tools, we provide you with a high-quality product and successful outcomes.

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The enthusiasm and passion of eGames players equal those of professional athletes. We offer solutions for eFootball, eBasketball and eTennis – real-time games between two professional gamers. Don’t miss your chance to get ahead of the game with our eGames solutions!

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Lottery by BetInvest is a simple product for both you and your customers. The beauty of its simplicity is that it can be launched in any market. Anyone can play. We provide comprehensive 24/7 support for your business. You can access almost 50 lotteries from around the world through a convenient platform with extensive customization options. Choose the lottery best suited to your players.

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eSports is an emerging and booming market. It’s popular on every continent and in most countries. Don’t miss your chance to get ahead in the industry with our eSports solutions! The enthusiasm and passion of eSports players equal those of professional athletes.

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As well as offering games from the world’s leading providers, we can also offer you our new in-house slot games which have been developed according to a combination of requests from players and key trends in the gaming industry.

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Our Benefits

  • Medical insurance
  • Gym membership
  • Corporate English classes
  • Lounge zone with PlayStation, table soccer, basketball hoop, etc.
  • Relax zones

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